Josie Cotton’s ‘Movie Disaster Music’ is re-issued on November 17th

Josie Cotton. Photo by Mike Ruiz.
Josie Cotton

Kitten Robot Records reissues Josie Cotton’s quirky and experimental fourth album Movie Disaster Music.  Originally released in 2006, this album finds the infamous New Wave icon diving deep into atmosphere and keyboard textures, stretching the confines of pop music. Shapeshifting from femme fatale chanteuse (“Rabbit Hole”) to avant garde siren (“Kung Fu Girls”) to New Wave beatnik (“Creeps“) to country western cowgirl (“Looking for Elvis”), Cotton dives into different vocal personas effortlessly, displaying her versatility and charismatic vocal dexterity.

“This is the album where I began to explore the darker realms of the human psyche… where hilarity and shimmering beauty are spawned because there would be no art without them,” Josie explains. “I wrote these songs with utter abandon, urging Shonen Knife to blow up the world, sending love letters to Sammy Davis Jr. with an ode to Jim Jones’ massacre. I stalked Elvis in the Piggly Wiggly, fell down a rabbit hole, found a missing head, discovered and forgot Gurdjieff… I tried to fix the broken things but found that’s where all the magic is.”

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Years in the making, this labor of love assembles a host of musicians and producers including Paul Roessler (Screamers, Nina Hagen), David McConnell (Elliot Smith, Wilco), Kenny Lyon (Lemonheads, Los Super Elegantes), Patrick Warren (Tom Waits, Gwen Stefani, Emmy winner for music on True Detective) and Michael Lockwood (Aimee Mann, Fiona Apple) and Shon Sullivan (The Eels, Eliott Smith, Neil Finn) among others, to explore her songwriting skills in daring and exciting new ways. Always a great presence and voice, Josie Cotton shows her new colors on this album; an ever-evolving artist with a fresh vision, still challenging convention after all these years.

Movie Disaster Music was originally released in 2006 and will be reissued via Kitten Robot Records on Tuesday, November 17, 2020


Josie Cotton

Movie Disaster Music
Track listing

  1. Rabbit Hole
  2. Bridget in the Sun
  3. King Fu Girl
  4. Lookin’ for Elvis
  5. Happy Face
  6. Creeps
  7. Nikita
  8. End of Story
  9. Beautiful But Deadly
  10. Fabulous
  11. You’re the Boss