Tampa’s Own Sydney Marteliz is Releasing Her Debut EP ‘Blunts and Growth’

Sydney Marteliz. Photo by Chyrisse Tabone

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

SydLive aka Sydney Marteliz presented her first produced music video on October 17th for the song titled “Beauty In Pain” off of her debut and upcoming EP “Blunts & Growth” that will drop on Friday, October 30th. The lyric video “You Will Always” another cut from this new release was SydLivereleased last September. Sydney has been playing locally for a number of years, singing backup for other bands and composing her thoughtful songs– just her, a guitar and a mike; her easy going personality and her musical expression has been captivating audiences everywhere. She is also a Sofar Sounds alumni and has played their live shows in Tampa and Atlanta. These videos present a great first look into the artistry and message of SydLive!

Sydney Marteliz. Photo by Chyrisse Tabone

Her official bio: From Tampa Florida, SydLive was born to write and sing songs that touch the world. As her mother recalls, her climb to stardom began with getting on top of restaurant tables to sing at the age of two. By the time she was eleven, she
acquired her first guitar and began to teach herself to play by learning Beatles
songs. Within four years she found her way to the stage singing in a Carpenters
tribute band. Since this time, Syd has amassed over a decade of experience as a
professional singer/songwriter and recording/performance artist. Within the
industry, she names Aretha Franklin as her idol.

Sydney Marteliz. Photo by Chyrisse Tabone

Who SydLive is as an artist is a culmination of her paternal and maternal
influences as a child. Her father, whom Syd credits as the reason she makes music,
also had an accomplished career as a singer and musician. These roots on her
paternal side date back yet another generation, as her grandfather and grand uncle
were also musicians. Her father’s influence instilled the classic sensibilities of 60’s
and 70’s music including Motown/soul, rock and folk. This would later be fused
with the contemporary sound of hip hop and modern R&B, which she was
introduced to by peripheral influences in her adolescent years.

Syd’s mother and maternal grandmother, whom she idolizes, had an equally
significant impact on who she is as an artist. They are the influential figures in
Syd’s life to which she attributes her caring and nurturing nature. Simply put, her
father’s side gave her the music, while her mother’s side gave her the purpose in
the music. For as long as she can remember, music has healed her. Now it is her dream to heal others with her music. 

I just spoke with Sydney and she shared that “Blunts and Growth” is a collection of her older songs and that she has many more songs in the works and is looking forward to sharing those too. She is projecting another year of studio work to get those recorded in a follow up EP or full length album! Rock at Night has covered Sydney in the past, check out our short interview with her (CLICK HERE) and a live show review when she played a Sofar Sounds Tampa show a few years ago (CLICK HERE). Rock at Night is keeping close tabs on this up and coming artist!






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