Daytona Bandshell springs back with a Kiss & The Cars tribute show

Touch & Go-The Cars Tribute Band

By Anna Marie Bolet, Rock At Night Jacksonville

 Venue: Daytona Bandshell, Daytona Beach, Florida -August 22, 2020 

The audience at the Daytona Bandshell

The Daytona Bandshell rumbled back to life with the sounds of live music from Touch & Go Cars Tribute followed by the headliner Kiss America. It was a packed crowd for Covid standards as staff and guests followed all proper safety procedures.  

Kicking off the show was the synth laden Lets Go” that had the crowd singing and clapping along with the beloved lyrics, ‘I like the night life, baby,” preparing us for a fun beachside show. This group delivered bubblegum punk favorites such as You Might Thinkand “Magicwithout skipping a beat. My personal favorite Moving in Stereosounded just as sexy as when I first heard it on the soundtrack to Fast Times at Richmond High and their delivery of Drivecouldnt have been more perfect. Ending their set with Just What I Neededwas a poetic bookend to an excellent opening act.  

Kiss America

Kiss America did not disappoint with their pyrotechnics and musicianship. This group knows how to entertain! Coming on stage, guns blazing with Love Gunand Shout it Out Loud”, they wasted no time in wowing the crowd with the fire breathing War Machine”. Even the rain that began (and never really stopped) wasnt going to keep this crowd downnot tonight.  

Kiss America and Antonio Bolet

Giving the crowd a treat with special guest, Antonio Bolet on Got to Choose”, the guys towered over the 6 foot “Jimmy Page”, demonstrating just how tall those platform boots really are. New to the group is Adam Rutledge/ACE on lead guitar, shredding it on Shock Mewith his guitar solo. Neil Davis/Gene Simmons killed it on on his bass solo and God of Thunderdelivered by Ken Trapp/Peter Criss was so apropos as the rain never really let up while the crowd soaked it all in.  

Rounding out the show with notable favorites, Detroit Rock Cityand Star Spangled”, Shawn Schumann/Paul Stanley delighted by throwing favors into the crowd. The night wouldnt be complete without everyones favorite, original party anthem “Rock n Roll All Night”. Once again, Antonio Bolet joined the band for the grand finale as the crowd went wild.  

The bands, the crowd, the Bandshell was back in full force to celebrate the Summer of 20 proving once again that the music will never die. 


 Touch & Go Cars Tribute are: 

Gene Minix – Lead Vocals & Guitar 

Scott Winslow – Lead Guitar & Vocals 

Chris Willis – Keyboards 

Jeff Ankeney – Bass & Vocals 

Patrick Hines – Drums 


 Kiss America are: 

 GENE – Neil Davis – Bass 

PETER – Ken Trapp – Drums 

ACE – Adam Rutledge – Lead Guitar 

PAUL – Shawn Schumann – Guitar & lead vocals 


Instagram – KISS_AMERICA 


Anna Marie Bolet

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