21 to Burn had the crowd forgetting it was Bike Week

21 to Burn

By Anna Marie Bolet, Rock At Night Jacksonville

Venue: Daytona Beach, Florida-10 March 2020

Bike Week

This years Daytona Bike Week is gearing up to be every bit as loud and in your face as you’d expect. Main Street was rumbling tonight with the sound of engines growling but the real rumble came from the stage hosting Brevard’s own 21 to Burn. With an assortment of heavy rock licks that kept the crowd wanting more, I almost expected a spontaneous mosh pit to develop. This band is tight and dedicated to entertaining their audience… and their set was simply too short.

21 to Burn

Check out their original tracks below with Two to the Chest showcasing the individual talent of each member of the band. The cadence of the drums balance out the machine gun guitar riffs and surprises you with a change of pace in the middle of the song. It’s as Metal as Metal can get and it’s no surprise this band is going places.

21 to Burn is:

Russ Miller – Lead Vocals & Guitar

Squeegie – Bass Guitar

Justin Weir – Lead Guitar & Vocals

Kevin Ciarlelli – Drums








Anna Marie Bolet