Vintage Trouble brings good ol’ R&B soul to Clearwater

Vintage Trouble

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

Venue: Nancy and David Bilheimer Capitol Theatre, Clearwater, Florida–November 12, 2019–Vintage Trouble’s USA Tour with Kyle Daniel

Vintage Trouble

One of Rock At Night’s favorite bands, Vintage Trouble, made it to the Nancy and David Bilheimer Capitol Theatre on November 12th as sort of a “home-coming” since bass player Rick Barrio Dill is from Tampa Bay.  Just this year alone, we covered Vintage Trouble in Clearwater, Florida at the Clearwater Sea Blues Music Festival and at the Byron Blues Festival, Australia.

Kyle Daniel and David Henriksson

On a chilly November Florida night with temperatures hitting the 60s (yes, really, that’s cold for us), the evening began with Kentucky Southern rocker Kyle Daniel.  I was not familiar with Daniel, who now makes his home in Nashville, so I had no preconceived notions. Fresh from touring Germany and the UK,  the band hit the ground running, belting out music which appeared to be heavily influenced by Allman Brothers (dual guitars).  The band has a full sound with guitar attacks, keyboards, and full harmonies.  With the onslaught of Southern rock bands lately, like Blackberry Smoke and Black Stone Cherry, the genre has resurged with full force.  I really was impressed with Kyle Daniel and will definitely be checking out his self-titled EP, which was included in his repertoire that evening. Daniel had everybody chuckling when he paid homage to cannabis with a new song “A Friend with Weed is a Friend Indeed.”  He noted there were t-shirts at the merch table with the slogan—and I’m sure people made a beeline there after the set.

Vintage Trouble

Finally, Vintage Trouble emerged playing “Total Strangers” from their 2011 break-out album The Bomb Shelter Sessions.  Ty Taylor looked fit wearing a white turtle neck and dress pants, airing a 60s vibe. Rick Barrio Dill sported a black monochrome jacket and pants while guitarist Nalle Colt and drummer Richard Danielson sported their trademark turn-of-the-century gentlemen attire (if you like their clothing, check out a John Varvatos store).  The band warmed up with a few songs, but was working up a sweat by the time “Pelvis Pusher” was played.  I was really hoping to see some of Taylor’s famous microphone stand leaps but had to settle for back squats and microphone lifting.  The man can move like James Brown reincarnated! Taylor really got the crowd of Troublemakers going with “Run Like a River” by running up to the second level balcony, with the crowd chanting “Run Baby Run”.   Colt worked the slide guitar and the room turned into a virtual dance party.

Rick Barrio Dill

Taylor told the crowd to rest and sit down, as he relayed, “I had the honor to be asked to sing on Booker T. Jones’ album Note by Note”. He asked Barrio-Dill’s friend and Tampa sax player Ronnie Dee to play “in honor of your state” to Otis Redding and Booker T Jones’ song “These Arms of Mine”.  This was a real special moment in the evening as the crowd catapulted back to the 60s with Taylor performed a very soulful rendition of the classic song.

Taylor then introduced a new song from the EP Chapter II called “Crystal Clarity” which Taylor noted, “This is the Cayman Islands and all the inspiration it gave us.”  The song has a real cool groove and to my surprise, Taylor whipped out a trombone, and jammed with the band.

Taylor then vowed to switch the mood by “playing something urban” and then asked the crowd, “Can we sing songs about whores? Let me hear you whistle!  Do you want to hear something dirtier? Grimier?”  The audience roared “woo hoo” and Taylor exclaimed, “Fuck yeah!” as the band broke into “Jezzabella” from The Bomb Shelter Sessions.

Richard Danielson of Vintage Trouble

Taylor introduced the song “Knock Out” by prefacing, “Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.”  After a brief salutation and walking off the stand, the band returned for an encore with “Blues Hand Me Down.” Taylor walked into the audience and grabbed a buxom blond, who was happy to return to the stage and dance with him.  The crowd went wild!  Taylor then thanked “Clearwater” for their enthusiasm because, “The night before we had 10 people” in a crowd.  The last song of the evening was “Nobody Told Me”, topping off what was one of my favorite concerts of the year.  Vintage Trouble are the consummate professionals. I’ve seen them play to small crowds and large ones, but they give the audience equal deference and truly entertain.  I cannot wait to catch them again on the next tour of the area!


Total Strangers

Doing What You Were Doing

Nancy Lee

Pelvis Pusher

Whole World Stopped

Can’t Let Go

Do Me Right.

Run Like River

These Arms of Mine

Crystal Clarity


Knock Me Out


Blues Hand Me Down

Nobody Told me.  The Bomb Shelter Sessions



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