Bayside satisfies fervent fans in Tampa


By Jason Michaelsen, Rock At Night Tampa

Venue: The Orpheum, Ybor City, Tampa-November 23, 2019-BAYSIDE


I have been to a lot of concerts covering many different genres, but for the most part, the crowds were made up of mostly one age group–not counting parents taking their kids to see a show.  That was not the case at the packed Bayside show at The Orpheum in Ybor City.  The crowd was filled with people from all age ranges and all different walks of life.  You had your young “Punks” with mohawks and gauges, your business casual wearing polos and nice slacks, and of course your regular Joe’s wearing t-shirts and shorts–all coming together for their love of one band. But, what can you expect from a band that has been around building a fan base for 19 years? 


Playing songs from their first album, Sirens and Condolences, their 8th album, Interrobang, and everything in-between, the crowd sang along with every word.  The more the fans sang, the more passion and energy Bayside put into their performance.  Now saying that Bayside loves their fans as much as the fans love them is an understatement.  This was made obvious from the smiles that lit up every band member’s face seeing and hearing how the crowd was reacting to them. 

Cole Popper wanting his dream to come true!

Bayside even made one lucky fans dream come true when they pulled him up on stage to jam with them.  Cole Popper held up a sign that read, “It’s my dream to jam with you.”  Anthony Raneri looked at his fellow band mates and then called for Cole to come up on stage where he was given Anthony’s guitar so he could jam out with them.  Lead guitarist Jack O’Shea gave Cole a few quick notes and the session began in front of the packed venue.   After the song was done, Anthony, Jack, Nick Ghanbarian (bass guitarist) and Chris Guglielmo (drummer) all congratulated Cole on  a great job. 

After the band left the stage the crowd began to chant, “ONE MORE SONG” so of course, Bayside loving their fans, came out and gave them exactly what they wanted. 




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