Joyous Wolf Howls in Philly

Joyous Wolf

By Michael Dinger, Rock At Night New York

Venue: Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA- October 10, 2019 

Nick Reese of Joyous Wolf

In case you have not yet experienced the hypnotizing blend of metal and blues that is Joyous Wolf, let me further explain what the hype (and for good reason) is all about.  Joyous Wolf are a band hailing from Orange County, California, formed in 2014, but with a sound reminiscent of the early-1970s.  Members of the quartet include the electric frontman Nick Reese (whose splits rival those of the “Godfather of Soul” himself), searing guitarist Blake Allard, smooth and steady bassist Greg Braccio and hard-driving drummer Robert SodaroFor those lucky enough to have attended their show at the historic Tower Theater this past Thursday evening, it was a mind-blowing experience. 

Nick Reese of Joyous Wolf

With just a handful of shows left on their US tour opening in support of the legendary English rockers Deep Purple and their The Long Goodbye tour, Joyous Wolf hit the stage with a fierce intensity as they blasted into “Undesired” – the second song from their recently released debut EP titled Place In Time (Roadrunner Records).  Keeping with the high energy of the opener, Nick and the boys followed with two more hard hitters, “Place In Time” and “Had Enough, the second of which Mr. Reese’s sonic quality can’t help but to remind me of Eddie Vedder. 

Without giving the now fist-pumping, head-bobbing audience any time to catch our collective breaths, Joyous Wolf launched into the rhythmicSaid Too Much,” followed by an incredible cover version of Mountain’s “Mississippi Queen (which can be found on Joyous Wolf’s only other previous offering, a double-sided single featuring their original track, “Slow Hand”), where Mr. Reese’s raw and emotionally-charged vocals filled the theater. 

Nick Reese of Joyous Wolf

During the no-holds-barred rock song Mother Rebel,” featuring the slide guitar of Blake Allarrd, Nick surprised us all by leaping off the stage and into the audience, running up and down the aisles, engaging the fans and even back-flipping!  After returning to the stage, Nick graciously thanked the crowd for their support, before diving into their closing number, the melodic love song “Quiet Heart.”  With the near-capacity crowd now on its feet, Joyous Wolf left us all wanting more. 

When Joyous Wolf brings their raucous, heart-pounding live act to a city near you, do not miss the opportunity to Join The Pack! 

Set List: Undesired, Place in Time, Had Enough, Said Too Much, Mississippi Queen(Mountain Cover), Mother Rebel and Quiet Heart

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