Album Review: Deaf Rat’s ‘Ban the Light’

Deaf Rat

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

Album Review: Deaf Rat’s Ban the Light–AFM Records-Release date November 1, 2019-CD and Clear Red Vinyl (limited to 300 pieces).

Deaf Rat-Ban the Light

There’s something about listening to rock music from Swedish bands–you know immediately it will be good.  The country seems to be churning out a lot of great hard rock and metal bands, like Ghost, Evergrey, and even 80s favorite Europe.  I knew I’d like Deaf Rat as soon as I watched their video for “Hail the End of Days”.  This song has rapid fire guitar riffs, a ton of energy, and soaring vocals by lead singer Frankie Rich, rolled into one great melodic hard rock song.

Most of the songs on the album are hard rock, very fast-paced, and heavy, like “Tying You Down”, “Fallen Angels”, and “Make You Suffer.”  Even the songs “Love Me” and “Save Me From Myself” have rapid fire beats and heavy guitar riffs, taking on an 80s feel.

Actually, one of my favorite songs is a ballad entitled “Bad Blood”, which has simple guitar arpeggio as Rich soulfully sings, “Close your eyes, let the shadows rise inside you, speak your lies, let us drink from the devil’s fountain.”  OK…this is not exactly a romantic song at first listen, but the dark melody, along with the violin accompaniment, are really mesmerizing. Another song with similar accompaniment and feel is “Welcome to Hell”, which sounds somber at first, but then builds up to a crescendo, and takes on a faster pace.

Deaf Rat’s music is true hard rock and should appeal to fans of meaningful lyrics, real lead guitar riffs, strong melodies, and plenty of rock attitude.  Their sound is full, energetic, and fiery, as the band takes you back to when rock music saturated the air waves.  If you are a fan of hard rock in the vein of 80s hard rock, you’ll love Deaf Rat’s album Ban the Light.

Track listing

1. Fallen Angels 2. Hail The End Of Days 3. Tying You Down 4. Save Me From Myself 5. Ban The Light 6. Bad Blood 7. Make You Suffer 8. Say You Love Me 9. Wanted Forever 10. Welcome To Hell


Frankie Rich (Vocals), Pat Kramer (Guitars/Vocals), Max Lander (Guitars/Vocals), Nic Lester (Bass), Karl Löfgren (Drums)

Ban the Light was produced by Erik Berglund & Deaf Rat.

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