The Jellybricks latest album “Some Kind of Lucky” is a real rock ‘n’ roll charm

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By Anita Stewart, ROCK AT NIGHT Pittsburgh, PA
ALBUM REVIEW: Jellybricks Some Kind of Lucky–release date October 4, 2019
The Jellybricks

The Jellybricks   of Harrisburg, PA will be releasing their seventh studio album, “Some Kind of Lucky” on October 4, 2019 for the label “Wicked Cool Records,” Little Stevie Van Zandt’s latest project. You know his name from his time with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and acting in the Sopranos mini-series. This band puts out some finely crafted music and have been together since 1996. The lyrics and musicianship on this latest release are superb–when I listen to this album, it makes me want to move, drive at high speeds and sing along. The music is reminiscent of some of the retro, post punk, new wave sounds of the Smithereens, Elvis Costello, the Romantics, R.E.M., Tommy James and the Shondells and even reminds this writer of the British Invasion sounds of Beatles, the Who or Herman’s Hermits in parts. So this band even takes their sounds back to the 60’s and 70’s and at the same time skillfully makes their music sound brand new! The lyrics are full of hooks and the natural response when listening to this new album is to sing. The band members are fantastic at addicting, melodic harmonies!

Reminds this writer of the British Invasion sounds…

The Jellybricks have released three videos from this album so far. The four band members all sing and contribute to the songwriting. The band is:

Larry Kennedy — guitar, vocals
Garrick Chow — bass guitar, vocals
Bryce Connor — guitar, vocals
Tom Kristich — drums, vocals

“The opportunity to make a new, better record is what always leads us back into the recording studio,” says Larry. Over the years, the band has gotten continuous airplay on SiriusXM Radio, including Little Stevie’s Underground Garage and won “Coolest Song in the World” award for a few of their songs setting the stage for the recording of this latest album. Recording was done in Youngstown, Ohio, Baltimore, MD, Mechanicsburg, PA and Van Zandt’s Renegade Studios in NYC and was engineered by Geoff Sanoff, whose credits include his work with Bruce Springsteen among many others.


Corner of My Eye–(Video) Power, pop, rock with a great opening guitar riff. Lyrics about the day to day humdrum.

Brooklyn–(Video) Sounds like Smithereens and REM. Nice hooks! A real great pop song for the road!

Can’t Get Over You–Call and response opens this song song, very pop, easy to sing along lyrics.

Mrs. Misery–A song that has lyrics filled with angst about a married woman…a fast pop/punk song, a past love’s lament.

Faith–Nice rock song, steady driving beat…great drumming and bass line on this one.

Every Hour–Opens up with a cool drum line, this is a slower tempo rock song but heavy on the guitar riffs.

Run Away–Rock/Pop song with a fast tempo. Heavy on guitar riffs and drums. Very 70’s.

No Money–Very funny pop/rock/punk song about trying to date someone and being broke. Melodic pop hooks and fun to sing to. Top 40.

DOA–(Video)–Call and response rock song. The bass line is driving with a fast tempo–this is my new driving in the car song!

When It’s Gone–A sad rock song about love being gone, great guitar and drums!

Keep Me Guessing–Relentless power rock, driving beat and skillful instrumentation! Sounds like British Invasion.

Some Kind of Lucky–starts out as a beautiful ballad with acoustic guitar and keys and then the tempo speeds up. This is a beautiful, emotional and poignant love song. This was written for a special loved one and I cry when I listen to it.

I loved this album and I am eagerly awaiting some future dates in Pittsburgh so I can see the band live. There are a few dates listed for October so far. Be sure to check this page for upcoming show dates and tour info for the Jellybricks: CLICK HERE!




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