NY prog/alt-rock band Radiate releases new single “I Promise This”

New York-based prog/alt-rock band Radiate is thrilled to share their brand new single, “I Promise This.”  Rock At Night is really digging this video and song!

‘I Promise This’ is about two people, in any type of relationship, intimate or friends. Making a promise about the trust and loyalty to one another. The song (and video) will give the listener insight on the ups and downs of this relationship,” the band shares. “We have a large range of topics but during the recording of our EP, writing about human interaction was one thing we wanted to shed light on. Ultimately, the main point of the song is to show the resilience some of us have in relationships that aren’t always fair, but you can always prevail by not harping on the little things and being the bigger person.”


In 2016, drummer Will Ford and guitarist Vlad Tipicidi found each other on Instagram and decided to meet for a jam session. After their first rehearsal they came to a decision to put together a band with unique participants with a high level of musical technique, who could produce the maximum amount of energy at concerts. By happy coincidence or a plan from above, vocalist Daniel Louis and bassist Michael Feliciano, who had previously played together in another project, were looking for a new band. They soon joined Ford and Tipicidi to create new art and realized a common dream. In the summer of 2018, Radiate went to Portland, OR and recorded their debut EP Human with a world famous producer Kris Crummett.

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Upcoming Tour Dates:
Sept 8 – Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory
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