Album review: DMA’s ‘MTV Unplugged Live’


By Desh Kapur and Andy Everley, Rock At Night Manchester

Album Review: DMA’S MTV Unplugged Live-released July 12, 2019

“A Beautiful Record”

DMA’s MTV Unplugged

Many great bands have taken to the stage to record a special MTV unplugged release. Some of these performances have been unforgettable such as the likes of Nirvana, Dylan and REM, and others have been much less memorable. The DMA’s have certainly got people talking with this album and now seemed to have earned their place on the international stage.

The trio, hailing from Sydney Australia comprise of lead vocalist and drummer Tommy O’Dell, lead guitar and backing vocalist Matt Mason, and guitarist Johnny Took, and they recorded this special acoustic performance in 2018 at Memo Music Hall in Melbourne.

2018 was a huge year for the DMA’S with the release of the critically acclaimed second album “For Now” the follow up to their stomping debut “Hills End!” Then came multiple festivals and sold out standalone shows all over the globe.

DMA’s. Photo by Desh Kapur.

2019 brings this much talked about MTV Unplugged album and Tommy’s vocals steal the show. His unique, sometimes haunting tones bring the lyrics to life and touch you right to your core. The album opens with “Feels like 37” the riff remains the same as the electric version, the songs familiar sound is still there but now its slowed down and stripped back and it still manages to deliver it really opens the album up in the right way.

“Lay Down” originally released back in 2015 makes you appreciate the song writing ability of these lads. This version lets the words shine through and show lyrically what level they are at. The words seem to take on another meaning when it’s delivered this way. I can’t put my finger on it but it really made me listen more!

All the big hitters are here “Step up the Morphine” “Delete” along with a live debut of “The End” a stunning and haunting rendition indeed.

Also included is a live recording of the Madonna song “Beautiful Stranger” the violins are out, the upbeat feel remains but they really make it their own!! My only criticism is the absence of a live version of Cher’s “Believe”. The first time I listened to this track on Australia’s Triple JJJ, It really blew mw away.

The set of songs on this record are on par with anything released in the last 10 years and even Lee Mavers, Noel Gallagher and any other song writing genius would be proud to have in their collection.

What we end up with is the perfect way to cap of there first two great albums and set the seed for what is to follow with their next album.

Near perfection 9/10





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