Projector Launch New Single “Go Ahead”

By Simon Shoulders, Rock At Night London

Venue: CLUB.THE.MAMMOTH-Waiting Room in Stoke Newington–ARXX* and THE COSMICS

Brighton trio Projector are a band that I’ve been meaning to catch for a while, but somehow never quite managed to be in the right place at the right time. Well, on Friday I rectified that particular oversight…

Projector celebrated the laun ch of their new single “Go Ahead” on Roadkill Records at a night hosted by CLUB.THE.MAMMOTH at Waiting Room in Stoke Newington. Support was very ably provided by the insanely good ARXX* and The Cosmics.

Projector "Go Ahead"

I’m not entirely sure what one would normally wait for in a dark, subterranean, wood-lined box under a pub in Stoke Newington (and perhaps it’s not something to ponder too deeply…) but last Friday that particular underground space housed an excited crowd including many friends and fans of the headline act waiting for Projector to take the stage. 

Read about Projector and you’ll hear about how their sound occupies the heavy space between brooding 80s darkwave and My Bloody Valentine’s wall-of-sound pop; a dual tone of ‘Goo’ era Sonic Youth and Pixies pulled together with an industrial Joy Division pulse. 

Live, the truth is perhaps a little more and also a little different. 

There’s an undeniable heft to the drumming of Demelza Mather and the grungy guitars of Edward Ensbury whilst Lucy Sheehan’s bass lines are exactly the right kind of infectious filthy. There’s a playful pop edge to the melodies which creates the kind of hooks that guarantee you’ll find yourself humming those tunes for days afterwards, but what I think impressed me the most were Projectors vocals. To put it simply, Lucy and Edward are both fantastically good vocalists and that really sets them apart from many bands I’ve seen recently. One moment they can deliver elegant harmonies, the next they’re duelling with each other. Lucy’s voice has real depth and she can switch her vocal style from light and soaring, to something all together far more gritty is completely captivating. 

Recorded Projector sound good. Live they take it to another place, altogether heavier and more richly textured whilst retaining a delicate melodic edge. If you get the chance, go and see them and I’m sure you’ll see what I mean. 

Projector "Go Ahead"

Upcoming Live Dates: June 1st – The Monarch, London (Camden Rocks Festival) 

Projector Media: Facebook Instagram Soundcloud

Roadkill Records Media: Bandcamp

* Disclosure: I have a copy of ARXX’s EP “Daughters of Daughters”. It is excellent and you should listen to it.

Projector "Go Ahead"
Projector "Go Ahead"

Projector "Go Ahead" Projector "Go Ahead"

Projector "Go Ahead"
Projector “Go Ahead”
Simon Shoulders