Despite Inclement Weather, Stone Temple Pilots Lands Safely at Busch Gardens!

Rain stopped 15 minutes before concert started

By Brent Michael, Rock At Night Tampa Correspondent

Venue: Busch Gardens Wine and Food Festival Concert Series, Tampa, Florida. Saturday, April 6th, 2019

Okay, I have to admit my first thought when I saw Stone Temple Pilots’ current lead singer was, “They recruited Billy Idol!” Seriously, Jeff Gutt, lead vocalist from 2017–present, from a distance or even up close bears a striking resemblance to the “White Wedding” singer, complete with sneer and swagger. That’s not an insult, in case you were wondering, Gutt was all over the place during the show, dancing by himself, yelling like a rebel at the crowd, and still young and buff enough that his flesh was causing fantasies in the female members of the crowd! (Okay, probably some men too!) Not that the three remaining original members weren’t more than pulling their weight; Dean DeLeo, guitar, brother Robert DeLeo, bass, backing vocals, and Eric Kretz on drums were still the core of the band that sold over 40 million albums worldwide before 2015. But many have expressed concerns about how well he could fill the late Scott Weiland’s shoes.

I’m here to say, “Quite well.” “Interstate Love Song,” Plush,” ” Dead and Bloated,” Wicked Garden,” “Vasoline,” “Sex Type Thing,” and “Half the Man I Used to Be,” among other older material, sounded nearly indistinguishable from the originals, while newer material like “Roll Me Under” and “Meadow” fit right in.

STP, or Stone Temple Pilots, make it clear that they’ve weathered the storms and are here to stay, continuing their legacy and building on their foundations!

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Brent Michael

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