Album Review: Sari Schorr’s ‘Never Say Never’

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night

Album Review: Sari Schorr’s Never Say Never–Manhaton Label-Release date October 5, 2018

Sari Schorr’s sophomore album Never Say Never will be released on the Manhaton label on October 5th, and boy, it shines! I have to say this was my first introduction to Schorr’s work, but after listening to Never Say Never, not once, but several times, it is a very impressive piece of songwriting, musicianship, and production. Sari’s voice is deep, sexy but with a slight rasp, which gives the texture and depth, to sing blues-rock music.  This is the kind of voice I like, one that is feminine but with a little mileage, to pull it off.

Never Say Never is totally rock ‘n’ roll—and Schorr proves it.  She is quite capable of writing with depth and conviction, that really appeals to my feminist and activist side.  So, don’t be fooled by the pretty face—this music has grit and guts.  Songs like “The New Revolution” and “Freedom” are great social and political commentaries with choral harmonies and funky Hammond B3 to boot!  Schorr sings phrases like, “welcome to the New Revolution…We are inundated by confusion….justice for all is the solution” that I not only have an ear worm for the phrasing but the melody is infectious!

Schorr sings about love, relationships, and empowerment in “Maybe I’m Fooling” and takes on an Alanis Morissette biting tone with “Thank You” by saying, “thank you for nothing because nothing is all I got.” Scorching lyrics and with wah-wah guitar effects to boot.

Two really welcome favorites in the mix are covers—“Ready For Love” and “Never Say Never”.   I absolutely adore Schorr’s rendition of Mick Ralph’s (Mott the Hoople/Bad Company) penned song “Ready For Love”—it is sexy, sultry, and oozes emotion. Ian McLagan’s (Small Faces/Faces) “Never Say Never” is such a beautiful, love song which describes remembering a loved one, it almost brings tears to one’s eyes. Schorr does it justice—and made me miss McLagan all over again.  I used to follow his solo work after he moved to Austin. He’s sorely missed!

Another really sultry, song that will satisfy blues fans is “Beautiful” and I have to mention the fast, energy song “Valentina”, because you’ll find yourself hitting the repeat button for this one.

Overall, Never Say Never just solidified Sari Schorr’s place in the blues-rock community—and she gained a new fan here!


King of Rock and Roll

Thank You

Ready for Love


The New Revolution


Turn the Radio On

Maybe I’m Fooling

Back to LA


Never Say Never


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