Sing Out Loud Festival closes with a bang, featuring Against Me! and War On Women

Against Me!

By Jessi Lynn, Rock At Night North Florida and Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

Venue: St. Augustine Amphitheatre–SING OUT LOUD FESTIVAL–Against Me!, War On Women, and Iron Reagan

War On Women

The Sing Out Loud Music Festival is one of Florida’s largest “mostly” free music festivals which takes place at various venues weekly during the month of September in St. Augustine, Florida.   The festival featured national music acts of all genres, poets, and comedians. A few of the acts required a small donation, which goes to the Betty Griffin Center to assist in their mission of working to end domestic violence and sexual abuse in St. Johns County.

Against Me!

Punk band Against Me!, hailing from Gainesville, was the headliner at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre on Sunday, September 23rd.  The concert was previously scheduled to take place on the Backyard Stage, but was moved to the Main Stage at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre due to the high demand for this concert. Against Me! has been a Rock At Night favorite for a few years. Other great punk bands included War On Women (remember them from Warped Tour 2017?) and thrash metal band Iron Reagan.

Iron Reagan

The evening of the concert had the atmosphere of electricity and excitement in the air. As the bands played, the fans enthusiastically sang the lyrics to the songs, pounding fists in the air. War On Women won the crowd over with hair flying poses, jumping and crouching on stage, and sheer aggression. A couple highlights included “Capture the Flag” and “Childbirth”.

Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! spent most of the concert with a pile of hair covering her face, as she blared out vocals–and the fans adored her! Some of the song highlights were “I Was a Teenage Anarchist”, “True Trans Soul Rebel”, and “Sink, Florida, Sink”.

Iron Reagan’s show was mostly in the dark with colored lights, but the thrash metal band showed much fire and energy in their set. You gotta’ love a band that sings “Fuck the Neighbors.”

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Forest Live Festival – UK

Forest Live Festival – UK



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