New Alt Rock Music: Check out Harrison Rimmer’s new single ‘Old Heart’

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

Rock At Night receives solicitations from musicians and bands everyday.  We sometimes listen to the songs and if they pique our interest, we delve deeper.  Once such song and musician that we would like to introduce is Harrison Rummer.  Hailing from Fleetwood, he has been a singer and songwriter since he was 18. He has released three EPs and in 2019, a full album will debut.  Her has supported Tom Hingley (Inspiral Carpets), Rick Witter, Paul Banks (Shed Seven), Gaz Brookfield, and many more artists in the UK.  He has been featured on BBC Introducing York and North Yorkshire twice and has toured the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Ireland, and is currently in Australia.

I listened to his latest single “Old Heart” and really, really liked it!  I’d describe it as “uplifting alt rock” with lyrics we all can relate to. Rimmer notes, “This song is dedicated to anyone who is looking to have fun, who’s in a long distant relationship or anyone who just wants to let it all go.”

You can listen to the song, which will officially be released on October 19th, on SoundCloud below:

Music and lyrics by Harrison Rimmer
Produced by Grant Henderson at LOOM Studios
Mastered by Tony Dixon at Masterpiece Masters


I explored some of his earlier work, and really was taken by the infectious rhythms. I look forward to hearing Rimmer’s full-length album when it is released next year. Look for announcements on Rock At Night!

CHECK OUT “I’m On Fire”









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