MOONDAZE shows they are ready for a breakthrough


By Rick Slagter, Rock At Night Groningen, The Netherlands

Venue: Popweekend, Schagen, The Netherlands


MOONDAZE is a full power blues-rock band based The Netherlands. Are they new? Not really. The name is new and they just released a new track.The band is working on an international breakthrough and MOONDAZE fits better to their actual identity. They prepared the name change on Facebook and last weekend MOONDAZE presented the new name and released the new track ‘Optical Illusion’ at the open air festival Popweekend at Schagen, a small town near Amsterdam.

The sound of MOONDAZE is fresh and noticeable by a steady rhythm backbone, guitar riffs with a hook and a gritty Hammond. The sound and repertoire of the band fits in the current generation of blues-rock bands.


MOONDAZE has two female members: Julia on the organ and Marja on bass. Marja also does the lead vocals and in that sense she is the front woman. Her voice is powerful and bright and fits perfectly in the music.

The band did a marvelous performance for a square full of enthusiastic people. MOONDAZE shows they are ready for an international breakthrough.
RAN was there and captured the catchy show!

MOONDAZE is Marja Boender (bass, lead vocals), Julia Driessen (Hammond organ), Sebastiaan Fledderman (guitar), Tom Beemster (drums, backing vocals).

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