The Struts bring its brand of Glam rock to warm up Tampa

The Struts

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

Venue: Mid-Florida Amphitheatre, Tampa, Florida–April 25, 2018–Concrete and Gold Tour w/Foo Fighters

The Struts

After The Struts invaded America in 2015 with their debut album Everybody Wants, Rock At Night has been following them around America and the UK.  This band is “shit hot” and they know what they got!   Honestly, the CD Everybody Wants has been in my player regularly for the last three years and when I rent a car, it goes with me. The last time I personally saw them was in May 2016 in a very sweaty club in Orlando called The Social.  A lot has happened since then. The band has toured and opened for a lot of big names since they “hit it big”, such as the likes of The Rolling Stones, Mötley Crüe, and now Foo Fighters on their Concrete and Gold Tour.  Additionally, the band is headlining a bunch of shows in April and May and even sold-out four headline shows at The Roxy, Los Angeles.  In June, the band will be back in Europe, including UK appearances at the Download Festival on June 9th in support of Guns N’ Roses on the main stage.

The Struts

On Wednesday, April 25th, The Struts cruised into Tampa for their first appearance in the city.  It was still a bright and sunny evening as the Mid-Florida Amphitheatre as The Struts hit the stage. Luke Spiller was dressed in a red and black fitted jacket, a sparkling gold sequined shirt, and black pants adorned with fringe that swayed as he moved. Spiller’s hair resembled a shag haircut and his eyes were adored with kohl eye shadow. He looked every bit of a 70s glam rocker, with swagger and attitude.  I have been a fan of glam rock since I was a teen and wore out Mott the Hoople’s album The HoopleThe Golden Age of Rock and Roll will never die….

Gethin Davies of The Struts

The Struts started with “Put Your Hands Up” and Spiller commented on Florida’s nice weather, grabbing a bottle of water. The band then played “These Times Are Changing” and one of my favorites “The Ol’ Switcheroo.” By then, the band was totally on fire!  Gethin Davies was totally working the drum kit, his hair drenched and in his face.  Adam Slack seemed cool as a cucumber, with his long locks in his face, almost now looking like a Southern rocker. Jed Elliott on bass has lost his moppy hair in favor of the “GQ” look. As always, I loved his and Slack’s harmonies that totally flesh out The Struts’ distinct sound along with Spiller’s Freddie Mercury-ish voice.

Adam Slack of The Struts

Between the songs, Spiller asked each side of the audience to cheer and got everybody arm waving and clapping during the songs. During “Put Your Money On Me” the audience instinctively sang the “oh, yeah” parts. People were dancing in the General Admission pit and many were mouthing all the lyrics to the songs.

Spiller announced the band will be coming out with a new album soon, which is great news!  Last night, The Struts headlined in Gainesville, Florida—and I would love to see them headline at a venue in Tampa or St. Petersburg. How about it, guys?


Put Your Hands Up

These Times Are Changing

The Ol’ Switcheroo

Primadonna Like Me

Kiss This

Put Your Money on Mee

Could Have Been Me

Where Did She Go?

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