The Dead Daisies in Osnabrück: like a party with friends

The Dead Daisies

By Petra Leusmann, Rock At Night Osnabrück, Germany

Venue: Rosenhof, Osnabrück, Germany–April 25, 2018–Burn It Down Tour

The Dead Daisies

For some personal reasons plus a huge lack of time I haven’t been to any shows for a couple of months. But, I could not risk missing to see THE DEAD DAISIES and support THE NEW ROSES this year! Of course, not!  So I changed a couple of dates and plans and went to the Rosenhof in Osnabrück (a lovely little venue that used to be a cinema).

The New Roses

The evening of the concert, the place was quite packed, right from the beginning. The support act, THE NEW ROSES, has become well-known over the past 2 1/2 years here in Germany and I myself have only heard excellent reviews about them. That might alas be a reason why they actually got quite a long time slot.  The band, comprised of singer/guitarist Timmy Rough, Norman Bites on guitar, Hard on bass and drummer Urban Berz, filled it with an outstanding manner.  If you haven’t heard about THE NEW ROSES, please, them out! Highly recommended and if you love THE DEAD DAISIES, I bet you’ll be amazed by THE NEW ROSES as well.

Well, THE NEW ROSES heated up the crowd to the right temperature for THE DEAD DAISIES.

After a short break, the DAISIES came on and I was once again, dragged into the charisma of the band. The musical skills of every member in this band are beyond a doubt supreme. But the stage presence of every single member is so unbelievable. I still lack a bit of words for it, to be honest.

Doug Aldrich-The Dead Daisies

Guitar wizard Dough Aldrich was a stand out, once again. He masters every guitar style that is in demand in rock perfectly and amazed me during the whole set. Just as impressive is the frontman, John Corabi, whose smoky voice only gets better with each passing year. The “new” drummer Deen Castronovo, is in no way inferior to his predecessors of THE DEAD DAISIES. He accented playing blends perfectly with bassist Marco Mendoza, creating a rich foundation for the guitar riffs. Catronovo got the well-deserved spotlight during a hard-hitting drum solo. I love good drum solos!

Marco Mendoza-The Dead Daisies

On the other end at the stage, bass player Marco Mendoza and guitarist/founding member David Lowly hold down a formidable partnership inthe rhythm section. They also flirted with all the ladies in the front rows, creating an excellent mood and atmosphere in the crowd. Another highlight was when Marco Mendoza came down from the stage and walked is way through the crowd. I was so amazed that he didn’t have any reservations.

During the set John Corabi told us that the band sees fans not as fans but more as friends (even though we can’t expect Christmas cards)–and to me this was exactly what happened there at the show. The fun they have playing live is obvious. I had a great night out. Thanks so everyone involved!

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