Boulevards delivers a dance party at home in Raleigh

By Gus Samarco, Rock At Night Raleigh
VENUE: Lincoln Theatre, Raleigh, North Carolina-January 20, 2017

Boulevards is a Raleigh, North Carolina native and he is funky to the bone! His music has been influenced by Prince, Rick James, and Earth Wind & Fire among others. In other words, it’s a Dancing Party!!!

I saw Boulevards for the first time a few years ago during Hopscotch and it was a pretty kick-ass performance. This time, however, Boulevards had a full band which really elevated the experience to the next level. Boulevards were joined by lead guitar/vocalist, Nash Roberts, from The Shakedown; Raleigh drummer Nick Baglio, from Hot at Nights; and Raleigh bassist Darion Alexander, from Foreign Exchange.


I really enjoyed seeing Boulevards playing with a full band- thumbs up guys!!! This band performs like a Groove Machine and, in my opinion, this was the perfect combination for the music of Boulevards.

I was allowed to photograph the whole performance, and I really enjoyed it, even though this is not my preferred genre (you know, metal) I can attest it was a great performance by Boulevards and the band with lots of funky, dancing music for a crowd that was on fire after seeing Kooley High, Lonnie Walker and Zensofly earlier. Boulevards put on  a very energetic performance, full of movement and interaction with the fans.

This was a Boulevards performance–right in his backyard– for his family and friends, not to mention it was the first time Boulevards performed in front of his parents! It was an extra emotional performance for a very intimate audience at home.


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