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By Mike McKenney, Rock At Night New England

Rock At Night’s New England Correspondent, Mike McKenney catches up with Sarah Borges before her live show at The Narrows Center for the Arts, Fall River, Massachusetts–Saturday November 25, 2017

Sarah Borges hails from Taunton MA. She started playing in bands right out of high school, getting serious about it around 23 or so. As Sarah describes her journey, “We were really lucky right out of the gate, getting to go on tour, having someone put out our record, having a booking agent. I’m almost 40 now, and I’m grateful for every minute of playing in a way that I wasn’t then, because we’ve seen so many highs and lows, and had so many experiences that I’ve realized that they’ve shaped me as a person. I’m also a parent to a 6 year old, and seeing what I do through his eyes has made me realize how cool my job is.”

Rock At Night: Hi Sarah, Thank you for taking time out of your hectic schedule for us. Let’s get started. Your sound is very eclectic, a lot of rock, some country, some Americana. How do you describe your unique sound and tell us how it came about.

Sarah Borges: The sound is really just a sum total of music that I like. We aren’t trying to emulate any particular sound, I think it’s just the combined influences of what I’ve heard, what’s inspired me, and what lives in the corners of my heart and mind.

RAN: How has the music making process changed since you first started out?

Sarah: The process of recording has obviously become a lot easier; I can just demo a song on my phone and send it out to people to learn and practice. It’s also become harder though because of the sheer volume of music that exists now that really anyone can put stuff out there. I’m a relatively secure songwriter, I know my strengths and weaknesses, but it does rattle me when a 15 year kid puts something up on youtube that’s better than anything I’ve done yet!

RAN: It’s been almost 7 years since your split with the Broken Singles. How has your music changed over those years?

Sarah: I write more for myself, without thinking about whether or not those guys will like it. They probably would’ve liked any songs I gave them, just because we loved playing together so much, but now I just try to please myself. We also had an us-against-the-world mentality, a byproduct of being in the van for years and being poor and dedicated, so the shows might be a little less angry now.

RAN: “Tendency to Riot” from your latest “Good and Dirty” album is great song about your own personal challenges and experiences of a point in time. Do you write all your own songs and how much of an influence does your life experiences have on you’re writing?

Sarah: There’s always some autobiographical element to each song, whether it’s a feeling I’ve had or a situation I’ve been in. ‘Tendency To Riot’ is a drinking song, I wrote it when I knew I needed to get sober but hadn’t yet. So the stories in it aren’t all true, but the emotions

RAN: You’ve made several albums and you have been performing live for quite some time now. Which do you enjoy more and why?

Sarah: They’re so different that I enjoy them equally. I love the meticulousness of the studio, the making something from nothing. I really like the immediacy of the live show, where each night is different based on the room and who’s in the audience.

RAN:You have a large passionate fan base in New England that follow you everywhere, do you have a favorite venue? Any particular venue that you haven’t played yet but would like to?

Sarah: We do love the Narrows Center in Fall River, because it’s close to where I grew up in Taunton, MA, and we’ve done 14 Saturday after Thanksgiving shows there. I’ve never played at SMAC in Brownsville ME, but have heard wonderful things, so that’s on the to-do list.

RAN: What can new fans expect at a Sarah Borges show?

Sarah: Lots of sweat, loud guitars, and a good time!

RAN: Who’s music do you listen to and what bands are you inspired by?

Sarah: Right now I’m loving the first two solo Ron Wood records, Anderson Paak, and always, always Nick Lowe.

RAN: As this winds down, what will 2018 have in store for Sarah Borges fans? Any plans for a new album or perhaps a new tour?

Sarah: We’ll have a new album in Fall 2018, and we’ll be touring prior to that, and in support of it once it comes out.

RAN: What is the one question you have never been asked but would like fans to know?

Sarah: Did you know how to be in a band before you started one. Absolutely not is the answer. Really anyone can do it, it’s good for the soul!

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