The British Sound Project Delivers Again!!!!

White Lies

By Desh Kapur, Rock At Night Manchester Correspondent



FRIDAY-Its that time again, the big gig at the awesome Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, except this time it was bigger as the organisers added another night, the Friday, awesome an extra night of top bands. But before I go any further I would first like to say a heartfelt apology to the bands I missed or couldn’t get to see, by all accounts all the bands did there bit to provide what was a fantastic two days of music, Friday night was the one I was looking forward to most, TWIN ATLANTIC, MALLORY KNOX, DEAF HAVANA, LONELY THE BRAVE JORDON ALLEN, STILLIA, what was there not to get excited about and they delivered.


The first band I managed to check out were on the smaller stage, STILLIA, but in my opinion should have been on the bigger stage, these lads from St Helens brought there A game a crisp set of indie pop gems, fresh and modern with that underlying knack for a great melody which seems to be there in bucket loads with bands from that part of England, must be something in the water, these guys are good very good and hopefully they will be on the bigger stage next year,

I stayed at the smaller stage for the next act the always excellent JORDON ALLEN, the man from Bolton. I have always liked Jordon Allen and always found it quite amazing why this man/band isn’t bigger and receiving the airplay I think his songs deserve, with this much talent I believe it will happen for him and I really hope it does, They bring a vibe and energy to there live shows which some bigger and well known artists could learn a thing or two from and like I have said before they have the songs, guitar driven edgy indie rock, beautiful

Mallory Knox

Then it was the main stage for DEAF HAVANA, MALLORY KNOX AND TWIN ATLANTIC,

First to the ockie were the very grungy MALLORY KNOX, with the band receiving some very healthy airplay at the moment, the band took to the stage with a swagger and confidence of a band who are firmly on the up and when you watch them live you can see why, tight rhythm section, dirty heavy squealing guitars strong vocals and melodies to boot, and Mikey Chapman prowling the stage like a caged tiger, a great set delivered with energy and confidence.

Deaf Havana

A quick breather and then on came Deaf Havana fresh from a tour of Australia, to be honest and fair to the band this isn’t my cup of tea, but what they do, they do really really well and the packed Victoria warehouse lapped up there brand of rock,

Then Friday’s main event the band I really wanted to see, TWIN ATLANTIC, they have been a bit quiet of late after a dirge of singles receiving airplay, and catapulting them in to bonafide rock stars, but you wouldn’t have known by the size and sound of the crowd, this was the band they had come to see and they were making sure the band knew it, playing songs from across all 4 albums, beautifully crafted songs, edgy

guitars and soaring vocals and chorus’s everyone just wants to sings along to, awesome stuff from a awesome band to end a awesome night,


Ryan Jarvis

SATURDAY – So it was back to Victoria warehouse for another day/night of music, could it live up to the Friday, you know what yes it did,

So it was to the smaller stage to watch the very upcoming Ryan Jarvis now with full band and they look right together and they sound right together, this lad is a troubadour it the mould of Liam fray of Manchester legends Courteeners fame, he is great to watch can write a tune, interacts with the audience brilliantly and did the most brilliant cover of “Girls Just wanna Have fun” well done r kid,

Then over to the main stage for SPRING KINGS a band I saw recently supporting Kasabian I enjoyed them that night and enjoyed them even more tonight, with the main vocalist being the drummer and impressive feat on its own, there brand of guitar driven pop rock is infectious and I truly believe this band are going to take that step up to the big leagues,

The Horrors

I then it was The Horrors a band who’s star shone so brightly not so long ago, but I’m sorry guys there was nothing about this band and set I thought was positive, they acted like a band who star had fallen and they hadn’t noticed, they played virtually in the dark, the singer left the stage to come back on, there manger was down the front of the stage in the pit acting like what I can only describe as a Sunday football league coach, and at one stage they stop and re started a song because the singer wasn’t liking it, not for me I’m a afraid,

White Lies

Then it was White Lies who were the polar opposite of the previous band, they looked like they wanted to be there, they were enjoying themselves, the crowd were enjoying themselves, they have the songs, there tight as F%^K, they played a set of tightly crafted pop songs and I for one loved it, well played White Lies, Well Played British Sound Project, lets do it all again next year, yes please, don’t mind if I do,


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