One-Eyed Doll Rocks Their Loyal Fans at Tampa’s Brass Mug

One-Eyed Doll

By Anita Stewart, Journalist/Photographer and Chyrisse Tabone, Photographer-Rock At Night Tampa

Fans of all ages crowded the stage for metal, rock, goth, punk music, lots of candy and a Halloween sing-along!

Venue: Brass Mug, Tampa, Florida–October 21, 2017–One-Eyed Doll, Doll Skin, Blacklite, and Arch Angel
We regrettably missed the Sam Ash Meet and Greet earlier in the day but Rock at Night was at the Brass Mug in Tampa later on with all-access on Saturday, October 21, 2017 to see one of our all time favorites, One Eyed Doll on the Florida leg of their Something Wicked tour. This tour will take them all over the US and on to Europe this fall; a long time dream destination of the band. Melinda Snork, the always smiling merch girl greeted us with our passes and we checked out Kimberly Freeman’s incredible creations and the band’s T-shirts before walking towards the stage.
Melinda “the Merch Girl” Snork


This band has been around for over a decade and has released six albums under this name. The band’s winning combo of rock, metal, goth, punk, performance art shows never cease to amaze and this particular one showcased their “Something Wicked” EP that has just been released. They added a few tricks up their sleeves consisting of a new line-up, more technical prowess with added instruments and their elevated and fiery stage presence.

The stage was elaborately set with roses, skulls, frogs, candelabras, a goat head, a stuffed unicorn and other Halloween decorations for ambiance. After all, One Eyed Doll’s shows are always rock shows first and performance art shows second! Various hats along with sing alongs, Kimberly’s trademarks, were brought out and worn during specific songs adding to the uniqueness of the show. And a frog that was part of the stage set was “turned into a boy” after everyone turned their backs to the stage at Kimberly’s command; the frog was then “transformed” into Benjamin Riggs, the stage manager. He hopped onto the stage to start playing his part of the set on the bass.

Also halfway through the full set, Jason Rufus Sewell aka Junior, usually the drummer and producer also moved up to surprise everyone on some incredible lead guitar, and the lighting guy, Mondo ended up on the drums. One of the highlight performances of the night was a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb.” Loved the classic song from the Witches album; “Ember” and the new one from Something Wicked, “Superstar.”
Kimberly with a theremin


The other stand out surprise was Kimberly playing a “theremin” or “ether-phone,” a curious electronic instrument that consists of a wooden box with electronics on a stand and and two protruding antennae. See more about theremins HERE. Also Kimberly has a new guitar, not her familiar custom black Tregan, but now another custom white one that she debuted at the Jacksonville show. The band members are official spokespeople for Tregan guitars and Blackstar amps.

Kimberly Freeman and Jason Rufus Sewell together are the old lineup; yes, just the two of them! They have put out some amazing power rock ballads and heavy metal songs. The videos for “Committed,” “Be My Friend,” “Afflicted,” just to name a few from the past albums are top notch with excellent cinematography. Witches was the album Rock at Night initially reviewed in 2015 with our podcast and first interview of the band over dinner at Skipper’s Smokehouse. We then became long time fans of this band and they were noted on our own list of bands to watch.
Kimberly Freeman


Kimberly has also done solo projects and released four albums under her own name and one more under the name “Ghetto Princess.” The latest solo offering by Kimberly is Secret Lullaby, a full length album that was released last summer and is reviewed by Rock at Night HERE. See the poignant official video for “Amnesia” HERE. The night’s performance of “Rust” another song from this album about the love between a ship and it’s captain, is ethereal and haunting, matching the mood of the official video and highlighting Kimberly’s wide vocal range. And now, to storm Europe! Rock at Night will be watching for the show reviews from across the pond!

Doll Skin was the all girl opening band and WOW, did they ever rock! Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, all the members are alumni from the School of Rock, all meeting there while attending in 2013.
Alex Snowden of Doll Skin

Doll Skin’s opening set at the Brass Mug had guys crowding the front of the stage to learn lead guitarist Alex Snowden’s technically incredible guitar licks. Her playing prowess is reminiscent of Eddie Van Halen and she is not even 21 years old yet. Absolutely mind blowing!

The other members are Sydney Dolezal on rhythm guitar and vocals, Nicole Rich on bass and Meghan Herring on drums. They have two EP’s already released (In Your Face and Manic Pixie Dream Girl), have been on the VANS WARPED TOUR and AP voted them one of the seven rising bands under 21. Definitely watching for them to rise to the top!

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