Paul Gilbert performs spellbinding show in Brasilia

Paul Gilbert
By Gus Samarco, Rock At Night North Carolina and Brazil
Venue: Clube APCEF, Brasilia, Brazil –January 28, 2017 -Paul Gilbert – I Can Destroy Brazil
Alright, I’m having a hard time starting this one. Let’s see, One of my favorite Guitar players of all times, in my hometown while I’m visiting, the first concert I shoot in Brazil, in my hometown, with my high school buddies, and all that for the first time, together!!
I was too pumped up to hit a bar before this one, got the venue early and immediately met people I’ve know for up to 30yrs… Did I mention I was pumped up?
Once I got to the event organizers, they asked if I could “do them a favor” e take some shots of the Meet & Greet (duh!) It was quite an emotional M&G for the Brazilian fans, there was even a student of Thomas Lang there and I’m glad I was there to document this. Yes, I did get my Japanese Flying Dog CD autographed.
So, to the show, the band started with a travel through time including some songs of PG’s first albums, Racer X and of course, Mr Big. Yep here was some drilling too. I just admit I had goose bumps all over while I photographed all this within reaching distance.
The band continued with songs from the great latest album, I Can Destroy and the crowd loved not only every song, but every single note, trust me, I could see never ending smiles all over the place. “Technical Difficulties” shred fest brought the crowd up in ecstasy, but I have to be honest, “Little Wing” came pretty close to shed tears all over town. I had to put the camera down and just soak into the notes with Paul Gilbert’s very own way of playing this Rock’ n Roll Masterpiece.
Not only this was the first time I saw Paul Gilbert live, but also I had the chance to experience the likes of Peter Griffin and Thomas Lang together, two other monsters of my very own Rock’ Roll history, special note for Thomas Lang’s amazing drum solo and an all over performance by Peter Griffin. This my friends, is what a call a Power Trio.
Last but not least, my very personal THANK YOU to PG, the Band, the management and the Event organization to make this great show possible, in my hometown.

Photo Gallery

Massive Medley
Everybody Use your Goddamn Turn Signal
Blues Just Saved My Life
One Woman Too Many
Enemies (in Jail)
Grey Seal
Woman Stop
Better Chords (Thomas Lang Drum Solo)
Technical Difficulties
I Am Not the One (Who Wants to Be With You)
Adventure Trouble
Little Wing



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Gus Samarco