Karma’s gonna’ get ya’

By Desh Kapur, Rock At Night Manchester Correspondent

Venue: Manchester Apollo-January 27, 2017–Anteros, Sundarra Karma and Two-Door Cinema Club

Sundara Karma

Now, I’m not one for motorways, but this journey on the M56 was different. Heading for Manchester, I was going to the iconic Apollo for the first time and if that wasn’t enough I was going there to see Sundara Karma, a band making enough waves for the UK music scene to take notice and to get out their unused surf boards once again!

The band that opened the evening were Anteros, who have just released their second EP called ‘Breakfast ‘ and who have recently signed to the Regal record label, a label associated with the likes of Beta Band, Baby Shambles and Lily Allen. Anteros brought to the stage an infectious energy and Laura Hayden commanded the large Apollo stage with cat like splendour in her black skin tight pants and white girl power t-shirt, moving side to side and sharing a brand of upbeat Indie Pop with sweet, breezy vocals. Anteros were good, and their future looks bright enough for the purchase of a new pair of sunglasses!


After a short break for musical instrument removal and placement on strode the band I had come to see. Smiling, confident and enjoying the moment they produced a set of musical perfection, every song sounding like a hit (whatever that is these days!) every song performed brilliantly and sung wonderfully by the Bowie esq Oscar Lulu, while the main appreciative noise came for the current radio favourites “She Said” and ‘Flame’

Now this band, in my opinion, are destined for big and their music stands alone without all of the clichés of pigeon holing like many others and these boys from Reading really know how to deliver the perfect song, but if I had one small criticism, it would be the command of a large stage. They looked a little lost and disconnected on this Apollo monster and didn’t use it to the best effect, but do you know what, that will come and when it does, we will all be sharing in the glory that is Sundara Karma!

My advice; go and see them when and where you can because destiny awaits and you might miss out next time!. Right, where’s that bloody motorway!


Sundarra Karma

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Sundara Karma

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