Joanne Shaw Taylor and R’N’R in Colmar, France: a great night of rock and blues

Joanne Shaw Taylor. Photo by José Oliviera

By Rosine Alleva and Jose Oliveira, Journalists/Photographers, Rock At Night Correspondents in Colmar, France

Venue : Le Grillen, Colmar, November 17, 2016 – JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR / R’N’R


R'N'R'. Photo by José Oliviera
R’N’R’. Photo by José Oliviera

R’N’R (abreviation for the names of 3 guitarists!) were the first ones to play on the Grillen stage for this Rock and Blues evening. PATRICK RONDAT, NONO KRIEF (from the French heavy metal band TRUST) and JEAN-CLAUDE RAPIN are part of the very best guitar players from France! The concept of their performances was unusual and very interesting! Accompanied all along by the drummer Raphael Schuler and the bass player and singer Frederic Vinquant, they first played individually, and we had the great opportunity to appreciate their virtuosity with a 3 titles set. JEAN-CLAUDE RAPIN (who collaborated with John McLaughlin, Robert Plant or Santana) was the first one on stage, in a very bluesy style. PATRICK RONDAT appeared after him, in a more metal style. Everyone had the eyes fixed on his fingers running on his guitar neck! It was NONO, accompanied this time by J.C.Bauer on bass, who finished this individual set with a great rock feeling and this prowess to be one with his guitar. Although they are coming from different music worlds, it was a real delight for the ears and the eyes to see how they enjoyed playing together to end this concert, and what an amazing feeling!!

We hope to see them again soon…maybe on a bigger stage and for a longer concert.

Website-Nono Krief

Website-Patrick Ronda

Facebook-Jean-Claude Rapin

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Joanne Shaw Taylor. Photo by José Oliviera
Joanne Shaw Taylor. Photo by José Oliviera


After this cool and amazing first performance, it was to Joanne Shaw Taylor to hit the stage! Another great blues rock guitarist, young and talented but British this time! Yes, it was a rock and blues guitar players evening!

JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR has been discovered by DAVE STEWART (Eurythmics) when she was 16. It was already the third time she played in East of France. She was at the Grillen with her brand new release“Wild”. And she is wild!!! She has an incredible energy, her guitar play is excellent, very punchy. And she has it boiling in her! Her powerful voice and her presence on stage highlights her strong personality and her determination to become the best! JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR captured the audience straight from her very first new song “Dyin’ to know”. She went on with a few more new titles and played older ones for the rest of her set. The further the show went, the wilder she was! Her blond hair flying, when she began to play a solo, you never knew when she was going to stop! Amazing! Not surprising JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR has been called “the new face of the blues” by Blues Matters, a British music publication. She won two awards two years in a row as the “best female vocalist”at the British Blues Awards. Her new album “ Wild” has also been chosen by the German ROCKS Magazine as one of the best 2016 albums!

She will be part of a blues cruise called “Blues alive at Sea III“ with JOE BONAMASSA, BRUCE HORNSBY AND THE NOISEMAKERS and many other Blues artists in February 2017. They will sail from ROCK AT NIGHT town, TAMPA!!! Watch out on board, Blues sailers! Be ready! She’s a killer!




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Many thanks to David from Music For Ever Production for this great concert!

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