Disturbed back in Australia – and this time they got paid!


By Melanie Scrafton, Rock At Night Perth Correspondent and Luke Baker, Photographer and Contributor

Venue: HBF Stadium (4500 person capacity) –Wednesday 9th November 2016

Twelve Foot Ninja
Twelve Foot Ninja

Twelve Foot Ninja hit the massive stage at 7.45pm, and the ‘WOW” started.

Having seen the guys numerous times on smaller stages in the west, to see their mammoth backdrop and banners with their sound booming throughout that venue was incredible.

It gave Kin plenty of room to run around, Stevic’s guitar loud sharp and clear note by note. Seriously proud moment for this fan, watching them grab the attention of every punter in the building.

Their musical strength for me has always been that they can effortlessly blend several genres and make them work. They played various tracks from their back catalogue. Seeing those guys perform in that environment made my night before the main attraction even began.


The 4 Disturbed band members arrived on stage at 9pm, then BOOM and its on.

Opening with ‘The Eye of the Storm’ first track off the latest album ‘Immortalized’ David’s voice is powerful and consuming, the light show – dramatic and the pyro techniques warm up the venue in more ways than one.

The venue is packed close to capacity, with the general admission area bulging, it wasn’t long before the paramedics with stretchers were called for a few of those right up against the barriers.

As each track was delivered the band created that wonderful combination of Live Rock Gig with a pinch of Iconic US Rock Band Show. The pyro’s were maintained throughout the event, synced with lighting kept the crowd engaged.

David’s vocal performance on the “Sound of Silence” cover is what has bought the band new life over the last 12 months.

They do an extremely quick change over about half way through their set. Bringing onstage a grand piano, 2 string players, 2 additional acoustic guitarists and concert percussion drums. Disturbed guitarist Dan performing on piano for their live rendition of the Sound of Silence.

David encouraged the crowd to shine their phone and lighters during their performance of ‘The Light’ but only during that exact lyric, the vision made me shiver. Followed by their own extended version of Genesis track ‘Land of Confusion’

Disturbed have promised to be back, David didn’t mince his words, taking the time to insure the crowd understood that getting ripped off by Soundwave was the only reason they hadn’t been back sooner. Crowd engagement was full on, right up to the final chant ‘We are all disturbed’

I can recommend this tour enough, if you get the chance to go, you will not regret it.

Set Lists

Twelve Foot Ninja


Mother Sky

Post Mortem



Coming For You




One Hand Killing


The Eye of the Storm


The Game

The Vengeful One





Darkness (Acoustic)

The Sound of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel cover)

Inside the Fire

The Light

The Land of Confusion (Genesis cover)




Ten Thousand Fists

Down With the Sickness

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Disturbed “The Light”


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Melanie Scrafton

Forest Live Festival – UK

Forest Live Festival – UK