The STIMMEN FESTIVAL brings a great line-up, including Dweezil Zappa and The Temperance Movement

Dweezil Zappa--Stimmen Festival

By José Oliviera and Rosine Alleva, Rock At Night Colmar, France Correspondents

STIMMEN FESTIVAL – Burghof Lörrach – Germany

Every year in July the STIMMEN FESTIVAL attracts many fans from three countries: Germany, Switzerland and France; with Basel and Mulhouse being the two closest cities.  STIMMEN, is a German word which means “voices”, and yes, the 2016 line-up was full of great voices coming from a rich diversity of cultures and different musical horizons. For its 23th edition, the STIMMEN FESTIVAL continues to show why it has become a staple of the German festival calendar.

It is always a great pleasure to return to this event in Lörrach, so particular…without forgetting the good German lager.  Despite the problems to find artists in July, the Festival organizer, Markus Muffler came this year again with an amazing program: Suzanne VEGA, Jamie CULLUM, MASSIVE ATTACK, TRAVIS, TINDERSTICKS, JOSE JAMES, JESPER MUNK, GET WELL SOON, THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT, and his great crush for the headliner DWEEZIL ZAPPA PLAYS FRANK ZAPPA.



Jose Oliveira and Dweezil Zappa-Stimmen Festival
Jose Oliveira and Dweezil Zappa-Stimmen Festival

This song from Lukas Graham seems to describe so well Dweezil’s story with his father…

“Once I was eleven years old, my daddy told me Go get yourself a wife or you’ll be lonely. Once I was eleven years old. I always had that dream like my daddy before me

 So I started writing songs, I started writing stories Something about the glory, just always seemed to bore me Cause only those I really love will ever really know me”

Dweezil Zappa and Deep Purple had been invited three days before, to play on the same night to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Montreux Festival, in memory of Frank Zappa’s venue and the famous fire in 1969 from which Deep Purple composed the great  hit “Smoke on the Water”.

The Stimmen Festival has been another great opportunity to expose Frank Zappa’s music to the younger generations and for the pleasure of his older fans.

We discovered a Dweezil Zappa more accessible, not as crazy as his father, but no doubt, he is a virtuoso ambassador when he plays his music.

And performed by Dweezil, Frank Zappa’s music is far from being a simple tribute act. Being his son, it’s a much harder work with many details no one else could get to!

This 19th July show has been an outstanding act with high professionalism, at the high level of his father’s musical work.

We would like to thank Jan Obri who gave us the opportunity to meet Dweezil Zappa backstage. He was delighted to discover some old 70’s concert pictures of his father.


Help I’m a rock

Transylvania boogie

It can’t happen here

You’re probably wondering why I’m here

Harry you’re a beast

Orange County lumber truck

Lemme take you to the beach

What will this evening bring me this morning?

Shove it right in

Catholic girls


Inca roads

Holiday in Berlin

Ta ta you

You are what you is

Keep it greasey

You didn’t try to call me

Dinah moe hum

Florentine pogen

Planet of my dreams

Eat that question

I’m the slime

Peaches en regalia

Zomby woof


Dweezil ZAPPA(guitar, vocals) 

Kurt MORGAN (bass, vocals) 

Sheila GONZALEZ (keys) 

Chris NORTON (keys) 

Ryan BROWN (drums) 

Ben THOMAS (percussion, guitar…) 

Photo Gallery -Zappa Plays Zappa

JESPER MUNK  July 31st


After the great Dweezil Zappa performance, we discovered a very talented artist, Jesper Munk. His name won’t mean anything to you but  this 24 years old blond hair Danish-German musician has a big international career ahead him.

Jesper Munk began as a street artist and has been surrounded by different producers, Mocky (You don’t have to say goodbye), Jon Spencer (Courage for Love)  Sepalot (Shakespeare and Heartbreak), bringing a variety of style from Rock, post punk, glam to folk, soul and blues.

With his extraordinary voice, a sexy look and the great songs from his second album CLAIM, he conquered the young audience supported on stage by Sasseh Söllner Bobo (bass) and Clemens Graf Finck von Finckenstein (drums).

Photo Gallery-Jesper Munk


Get Well Soon is a music project and the band of a German singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, Konstantin Gropper. They started back in 2005, Their music is a bit depressing for the ears, but the band is an exceptional live act. Radiohead and Muse seem to be the major influences of the band.

Konstantin  GROPPER was born in Germany,  34 years ago and he already build up a reputation in the indie / rock music. K Gropper also began to compose for movies. With his last opus “LOVE” here he is, resolved to cross a new step. His musicality is inconstestable, sequencing was balanced with this amazing voice close to Morrisey, a stunning surprise. And with the backing vocals, just like angels, you understand why Get Well Soon is considered as a national treasure. The result on stage is incredibly addicting. A simple musical delight with great songs!

Photo Gallery-Get Well Soon



The Temperance Movement has been the support band to the Rolling Stones in 2013 for their European and USA tour. They have been named “Best New Band of year 2015” in UK by Classical Rock Magazine.

When Phil Campbell, with his wild movements, hold his microphone and let his rough voice express itself, we were transported into Joe Cocker’s universe. “Three Bullets” and “Como One”, very rock titles, delighted the public. In “Pride”, Phil’s melancholic voice perfectly matched with the intimate atmosphere.

During 1.30 hour, the band gave a magnificent show with titles from their two great albums.

I rarely saw a singer, keeping such an energy until the end of the show! The guitar riffs from Luke Potashnick and Paul Sayer and the rhythmic section, Damon Wilson on drums and Nick Fyffe on bass, made an amazing job. Nick Fyffe has been a former Jamiroquai bass player and Damon Wilson played with Ray Davies, the Waterboys and Feeder.

The Temperance Movement proved to be one of the most expressive band of the actual rock scene. With their music, for sure, rock will never die.

Photo Gallery-The Temperance Movement




Photos: José OLIVEIRA


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Jose Oliveira

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