The Melvins in Grand Rapids: even tornadoes did not stop the fun

The Melvins

By Haintso Rakouth, Rock At Night Detroit Correspondent

Venue: Pyramid Scheme, Grand Rapids, Michigan–August 20, 2016

I always look forward to seeing The Melvins. Having been one of my favorite bands of all-time, their shows have never disappointed me.

If you aren’t sure who the Melvins are, they are a heavy rock band that has been creating music for more than thirty years. They are one of those bands that love to experiment with different heavy genres of music from hardcore punk, stoner rock, to doom metal all combined together, which is why The Melvins attract all kind of heavy rock/metal listeners.

The day of the show, I was warned that the west side of Michigan would be hit with severe weather and it did. There were a few tornadoes that hit the Grand Rapid area. This is always nerve-wrecking because you never know if the show will (or should be) canceled. Eventually, the Melvins made it safe and sound to Grand Rapids and everyone was relieved and looking forward to the show.

The Melvins played at the Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids to a sold out crowd. If you ever have the chance to go to Grand Rapids, please check out the Pyramid Scheme. The venue is incredible and has a bar inside of it, but once you live the venue area there is another great bar and an area for pinball machines.

King Buzzo came out with his incredible long dress that has a huge eye on it (works pretty well with the name of the venue). The band right away opened up with “Eye Fly” which is a great song to warm up the crowd. King Buzzo pacing back and forth while Steve McDonald dance moves grabs your attention.

Melvins covered a few songs ranging from Kiss (“Deuce”) to Alice Cooper (“Halo of Flies”) and Red Kross (“Steve’s Band”).

Each of the musicians are incredible to watch. They are one of the bands that has an incredible stage presence. Drummer, Dale Crover’s drumming skills are out of this world (singing and fast tempo? Not too many drummers can do this).

Before closing up with their “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”, they played one of their most famous song “Night Goat”. Heavy, loud and dark this song made the whole place head bang

As I stated before, The Melvins always impress me every time I see them. They are definitely a band worth seeing live.

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Haintso Rakouth