Review: Welsh band Tibet’s new single ‘I’ll Put You In My Pocket’


By Desh Kapur, Photographer and Matt Craig, Journalist–Rock At Night Manchester Correspondents

Song Review: “I’ll Put You In My Pocket” from Tibet’s upcoming EP release Above The Moon (May 27, 2016)

indexOnce upon a time the airwaves were filled with the sound of hope, rebellion, joy, anger & adrenaline-pumping, foot-stomping, genre-defining defiance. Fast forward 50 years or so and all I hear in the main, is lobotomising, slick white noise. “Surely this is symptomatic of your embittered & cynical musical outlook?” I hear you cry accusingly? And you would be partly right.

Mired in this sentimental stupor it is more than pleasant then to have stumbled across the latest offering from Welsh four piece, Tibet. To fly the flag of your influences so boldly, yet avoid getting bogged down in the swamp of derivation, is a tough ask.To my mind, Tibet negotiate this musical conundrum admirably.

Like the bastard spawn of an up-tempo stroll through Itchycoo Park humming Street Fighting Man on a Sunny Afternoon, “I’ll Put You In My Pocket” is the first single from their forthcoming EP Above the Moon.

At once managing to sound comfortably familiar yet contemporary and fresh, the track lopes & stomps along in equal measure. The delicate clean guitar riff & tight, high harmonies serve up a slice of melodic cake that I defy you not to tap along to, with one dewy eye fixed on your record collection.

There’s a sense of baleful longing in the chorus that evokes memories of heavy hearts & love lost. There’s been some pain here–however there is far too much youthful optimism and musical exuberance to dwell too long in the past.

The “Above The Moon” EP is set for release on the 27th May, fittingly on limited edition vinyl.

I should buy it if I were you.



Forest Live Festival – UK

Forest Live Festival – UK