Sevendust plays classics during Kill the Flaw tour in Perth


By Melanie Scrafton, Journalist and Mafiia McCool, Photographer- Rock At Night Perth Correspondents

Venue: The Capitol, Perth, Australia–March 13, 2016–The Kill the Flaw Tour


Sevendust is a 5 piece band from Atlanta Georgia who formed in 1994. Described as Alternate Metal the band boasts 11 studio Albums, the latest Kill The Flaw was released in 2015.

Performing their first show of this Australian Tour in Perth at Capitol on Sunday 13th March.

The event had Perth local band Tempest Rising as the only support, a dream come true for these aspiring Perth performers, all of which are Sevendust fans and credit the band as one of their world music influences.

They performed a perfectly arranged 30 minutes set as the venue filled, this kind of exposure for local talent is priceless, often seasoned music fans don’t even realize what’s right under their noses as commercial radio rarely considers playing anything locally produced and heavier than occasional heavy rock track from yesteryear.

Soaring vocals from Vin Trikeriotis and intricate riffs performed by guitarists James Ward-Armstrong and Daniel James created their signature melodic metal and served as the ideal warm up for the Sevendust fans event.

Returning to Australia after a long 5 years, Lejon Witherspoon promises they will be back regularly from now on. Unlike the standard band/audience predictable banter, this frontman starts his connection early and is genuine, how could anyone know his for sure? Real tears don’t lie.


The 75 minute set was a ‘best of 11 albums’ spectacular. Crowd pleasers one after another. They started with ‘Black’ and the 500 strong audience sang back every word. Musically the band is as tight and polished as you would expect after in excess of 22 years together. There were no signs of the jet lag and fatigue that undoubtedly afflicted them, they arrived to 100 degree Celsius Perth Autumn day and the heat inside the club was higher.

Its not easy to isolate stand out moments from the show, these guys are a class act, they are down to earth and approachable, the atmosphere reflects that, the show of mutual, band/crowd engagement was evident throughout the entire set.

During songs like ‘Denial’, ‘Thank You’ & ‘Shine’ the crowd’s collective voice challenged Lejon’s vocal volume with the mic. ‘Waffle’ clearly one of more popular tunes raised the atmospheric bar high, but tears welled up for singer and audience combined for ‘Angels Son’ one of those cold shiver moments that last long after the music stops–a show that you never want to end.

Long Term fans of the band will be thrilled by this tour, their performance and set list, anyone that is a recent Sevendust follower will get acquainted with classic tracks ranging back to the beginning–it should not be missed this time or the next.

Massive shout out to the entire Sevendust support team, you did a great job enabling the show. Special props to Yoshi, technically ‘Security’ for the band although one suspects he is far more than that, perhaps ‘Band Caretaker & Crowd Protector’ would be a fairer description. Thank You Yoshi for actively simplifying the experience for this Music Media Team, we really did appreciate it.

Hurry back boys – Perth Loves You!





Melanie Scrafton