Clark Kent’s Double A Side Attack: Introducing Sexwolf!

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By John Clay, Rock At Night Columnist-London

Clark Kent’s Double A Side Attack

Photo credit: Rupert Hitchcox:
Photo credit: Rupert Hitchcox:

Rock At Night welcomes a new column called Clark Kent’s Double A Side Attack.  Clark Kent a.k.a John Clay pounces upon bands he’s either just discovered at a gig or has stalked for some time. We are proud to host his weekly ‘Double A Side’ Attack where an ‘ambush’ video of an artist/band is accompanied by a music video showcasing their unique talent.

You can read more about “Clark Kent” in Rock At Night’s interview here.

Photo credit: Keira CullinanE

This week’s artist: Sexwolf

Such is the reliability of Fluffer Records’ recommendations that I, fully trusting and anxious, signed up for their third pit party and discovered Sexwolf, a hardcore garage band fronted by the bastard son of Giant Haystacks. O.K, so old school wrestling references aside, Sexwolf are living breathing entertainment. Think Jack Black on speed – and I’m not just referring to the size of Richards waistline here … this singer will mock bootyshaking and lap-dancing every moment he gets. But don’t mind my text, press play on the video and fall in love.

Members: Richard Phillips (Vocals) Joe Lane (Guitar) Dan Mogg (bass) Sam Jenkinson (drums); Genre: Hardcore/Experimental/Rock; Home Town: Birmingham

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