rumHoney, Book Group, and The Crying Skies bring their blues-rock vibe to Finsbury Pub

Rum Honey

By Nathan Lucking, Rock At Night London Correspondent

Venue: Finsbury Pub, London-November 14, 2015–rumHoney, The Crying Skies, Book Group

The Finsbury Pub at Finsbury Park is one of the larger, small venues I have shot.  The back one-third of the pub has been converted into a purpose music room with a small stage, sound/lighting deck and a number of  tables. It has a bit of a lounge feel to it, as with most small venues the lighting is less than one would like–but you get what your given.

The Crying Skies took the rather small corner stage with little pomp or ceremony to start the evening’s performances with a short set of original material consisting of rock and roll and bluesy rock tracks, which started a small round of dancing from one very excitable group. They might want to work on their live sound because their recordings available on SoundCloud are significantly better.

Book Group launched rapidly into their first track, saving the talk for between tracks while retuning guitars or setting up synths and mics. With a low-fi grungy vibe, the room warmed rapidly to the boys from Edinburgh–once again dancing ensured from the same group. This second lot lived up to their recorded sound fare closer than the previous act and gave out a download code for their most recent single in a sweet shop style bag – ahh nostalgia how I love thee!

rumHoney, who were slated to be the fourth act of the evening, gained an additional fifteen minutes of stage time as one band did not show.  They began their performance as they intended to continue it – with full volume and full energy. With five members on the small  stage (like 8 ft- 12 ft) there was not much in the way of room for them to move around. This apparently was not a problem for the Londoner’s intent on entertaining the now larger amalgamated crowd dancing and swaying (to the music, not from the beer) who flowed into the back room from the bar to the energy-filled rock and roll and having a time of it themselves.  With big broad smiles on every members face and the largest crowd yet that evening, it’s fair to say the achieved that.




Rum Honey – SoundCloud

Book Group – SoundCloud

The Crying Skies – SoundCloud


FACEBOOK – The Crying Skies

FACEBOOK – Book Group

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