Chatting with indie-folk sensation Bryce Hitchcock

By Raven, Tampa Rock At Night Columnist

Article/Interview: Bryce Hitchcock     Genre: Folk, Blues, Jazz and Pop with a hint of Country.

Ravens Nest GraphicBRYCE HITCHCOCK is a Singer/Songwriter/Actress from Nashville. Her sound is a blending of Folk, Blues, Jazz and Pop with a hint of Country. She claims that if Sheryl Crow, Ed Sheeran, Passenger and Bonnie Raitt had a love child, it would’ve been her. Chris Top of the WOBA radio network said she ”is one to watch. She does it all!”

Bryce recently released her EP, Edge of Possibility, on her website, The songs can be heard playing on several internet radio stations with listeners in many countries including the US and Europe. She also performed her songs at CMA Fest, an event with the One Voice Project, and recently performed at the NAMM She Rocks Showcase in Nashville. Numerous radio stations have conducted interviews with her, including stations in Ireland.

Bryce started performing at age seven and was doing session work in Nashville for major labels such as Sony, Warner, and Word, beginning at age eight after being discovered by Ed Kee of BMG. She has divided her time between the West Coast and Nashville for the past 5 years and recently traveled to Ireland playing various venues.

She has written songs for TV and film and had a placement on the Canadian TV show “Debra”. She has co-written songs with Tom Petersson (Cheap Trick), Michele Vice-Maslin, Brian White, Karyn Williams, Nash Overstreet, Katie Cole, Robert Wolf, Josh Damigo, Summer Overstreet and Steven Gould.

You can hear Bryce as the voice of Deuce in the newly released Final Fantasy Type-0 HD video game. Tom Kelly of Chasing Your Dream Radio says this “Bryce’s lyrics are fascinating and speak to your heart. You can’t help but be enchanted by her music.”

I had the Awesome Opportunity to Interview this 17 year old Sensation, and here is what she talked about a little inside on who is Bryce Hitchcock.

I had the awesome opportunity to interview Bryce Hitchcock, a 17-year-old, indie-folk sensation hailing from Nashville.  Check out “The Raven’s Nest” for this week’s interview:

Raven When did you first start singing?

Bryce   I started singing when I was six in community theater productions. Shortly after that I joined a vocal performance group and performed around the Nashville area. When I was eight, someone from Sony BMG saw me perform and asked me to come in and work on some projects.

Raven What did your family do to encourage you?

Bryce My family has always supported me in everything. My parents have paid for vocal training, guitar lessons, acting lessons, you name it. They even moved to Los Angeles for a few years to allow me to pursue my acting career.

Raven Who else in your family sings?

Bryce No one sings professionally, by my mom has performed in some local theater. Both of my parents play instruments.

unnamed (10)Raven Who are your musical inspirations?

Bryce Ed Sheeran, Passenger, Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow.

Raven What kind of music do you listen to today?

Bryce I listen to pretty much everything except metal and screamo.

Raven What embarrassing songs might I find on your MP3 player?

Bryce I don’t know that I’m embarrassed by any of them.. But I have some old stuff for sure, for instance, the Shark Tales soundtrack.

Raven Where would you most like to perform?

Bryce I would have to say the Grand Old Opry. Even though my music isn’t really country music, growing up in Nashville just makes that such a special place to perform.

Raven Who would you most like to open for?

Bryce I would love to open for Ed Sheeran.

Raven If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing?

Bryce   Well, as you know, I’m studying Materials Science and Engineering. I’ve partnered with a premium guitar string company and I plan to be part of developing their future product lines.

Raven Yes you did tell me thats Great Bryce….. Do you play any other instruments?

Bryce I started out with the violin at 3 years old. Moved on to the piano at 5 and the guitar at 9. I mostly play the guitar now and sometimes the ukulele.

Raven If you could dabble in another genre of music, what would it be?

Bryce Jazz and Blues. Definitely.

Raven What hidden talents do you have?

Bryce Don’t know if it’s a hidden talent, but I’m a voiceover artist.

Raven I would say that is a great hidden talent… Do you enjoy writing music and or lyrics?

unnamed (7)Bryce I consider myself primarily a lyricist but the music seems to naturally flow when I’m writing.

Raven Bryce, at your age now, what advice would you give young Singer/Songwriters that want to break into the Music Industry?

Bryce It’s a lot of work. Don’t expect things to happen overnight. Be careful who you deal with and be grateful and respectful of the contacts you make along the way.

Raven So Bryce, Tell me about your acting career and what have you done?

Bryce I’ve done some theater, TV, film, commercials and voiceover. I was on My Name Is Earl, Modern Family, Friends with Benefits and I’ve done several national commercials. My favorite thing is voiceover. I’ve been the voice of a couple of Disney Jr. characters, many commercials, audiobooks (including one I was just put on the Grammy ballot for narrating), and my all time favorite, the voice of Deuce in the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD video game.

Raven That is so awesome….So do you prefer Acting or Music or have you found yourself a perfect medium?

Bryce I love writing and performing music. Voiceover is a very close second. I am happiest when I’m doing either of those things.

Raven So Bryce.. I hear that your Mother calls you “A Smart Goofball” tell me about that?

Bryce She says I’m the goofiest smart girl she knows. I love to have fun and goof around. She says people would never guess how smart I am from how I act sometimes… and I’m super clumsy and awkward. You never want to see me freestyle dance.

Raven Actually, I would love to see you freestyle dance…lol.  Bryce, how do you feel about this guy Raven promoting you…lol, Kidding but you can answer if you like? It’s been really great getting to know you, Raven.

Bryce I’ve been so fortunate to have people like you step up and offer to help me promote my music. And well, we’re two peas.

Well,  there you have it– a young, talented artist that has both beauty and brains. I Would Like to Thank Bryce Hitchcock for this great interview. Check out Bryce Hitchcock! If you enjoy her acting, now can enjoy her music.

Peace & Love,

Raven Pihonak

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