X Factor 2012 Winner James Arthur opens Baloise Session

By José Oliveira, Columinst-Colmar, France

Venue: Baloise Session-Basel, Switzerland-October 23, 2015

The 30th Anniversary Baloise Session in Basel, Switzerland, presents 12 evenings of diverse concerts. James Arthur, the young British singer discovered by winning The X Factor 2012 Edition, opened the Session last Friday. He initiated the glory with “Impossible”, a Shontelle cover, which landed on the charts after the release of his first album.

Despite his youth and experience, James Arthur felt perfectly comfortable on stage, taking the Swiss audience by surprise. He smiled and seemed quite circumspect in front of his microphone, while people lounged comfortably in their cozy casino atmosphere! Arthur commented, “You look so lucky, guys! As soon as I end my set, I will come to sit down by your side–to enjoy the Swiss Champagne! Ah! Yes! And your cheese with holes…I love it.”

It takes a brave and charming young singer to encourage this Swiss audience to join in and dance. Arthur said, “X Factor? Oh! What a story! My mother had to heavily insist and convince me to go there! I really went there on fire-back. She even pushed me into the bus! So, finally I was there and I won!”

“Impossible” was delivered with grace and soul as well as power. With his warm and romantic voice, Arthur put the fire in the house! Everybody left their tables and approached the front of the stage.

He then slowed the mood down with “Recovery”, a song that relays a sad moment of his life.  Arthur told the audience, “I found myself with such pressure over my shoulders and I fell fast into a big depression. The solution? Love! A lot of Love!”

After one hour and a half of a perfect set, Arthur left Basel so happy and asked singing, “Is this love?” Yes, it was!

James Arthur was the perfect concert to open this beautiful and wonder festival. Everyone could agree he is one of the most promising British singers.




James Arthur “Recovery”

James Arthur “Get Down”


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