UK band TesseracT plays honest no-frills rock at the Amplifier

By Melanie Scrafton, Perth Correspondent

Venue: Amplifier-Perth, Australia–October 18, 2015

Five- piece band from England formed 2007. TesseracT are Acle Kahney – Guitar, James Monteith – Guitar, Jay Postones – Drums, Daniel Tompkins – Vocals & Amos Williams – Bass; Genre:Progressive, Groove, Experimental, Metal.

I caught the guys at their last show on their Australian tour at Amplifier in Perth, supported by Perth’s Chaos Divine, and Brisbane’s Caligula’s Horse.

When I arrived at the venue, Jay Postones was conducting his Drum clinic for 10 lucky Perth Drummers. More visiting artists should offer this sort of opportunity, such an incredible honor to be mentored by such talented professionals.

Sunday night in Perth at Amplifier and the queue stretched down the road, the moment doors were open the venue filled quickly, not advertised as a sell out, but the final numbers must have been close to capacity.

Chaos Divine and Caligula’s Horse both played to packed room eagerly waiting for Tesseract to arrive on stage.

If you have ever heard Tesseract and tried to break down what you are hearing, you would have to ask yourself ‘How can they recreate this multi layered and intricate sound live?’

The answer is five musicians and a single simplistic backing track, additional credit to their sound engineer Aidan O’Brien who plays the vital role of knowing and mixing their tracks to sound as close to the recording as possible.

You can see from the set list they picked a few tracks from each of their albums, all were met with clear call back from the crowd. These songs are lyrically in-depth, not easy to learn or sing along to, but saying that the Perth crowd had no problem. The guys played an honest rock set, no mad lighting or screens for visual effect, it actually was the best kind of rock gig. The sound quality was really good, I was wondering if they had been using a phono preamp. You can click to read about one that I suspect they could have used. They powered through the set, Dan regularly pausing to appreciate the crowd and when possible explain the concepts behind certain songs. It felt like a journey, the atmosphere absorbed you and the connection between the band and the crowd was real.

Promising to return again the guys now head off for an extensive tour of Canada and the U.S. personally can’t wait for them to come back.

Remaining tour dates – They are heading to the States and Canada to tour throughout November. UK in February and Europe in March.

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Click here to hear MESSENGER from TesseracT new album ‘Polaris’











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