Lots of beer, testosterone, and craziness at Pennywise/Anti-Flag concert in Perth

By Melanie Scrafton, Journalist and Mafia McCool, Photographer–Perth, Australia

Venue: Metro Fremantle, Perth, Australia–October 1, 2015

After a sell out Australian Tour it was Perth’s turn to see Pennywise at Metro Fremantle. Supported by local band Blindspot and US band Anti- Flag that have toured Australia with them.

Metro Freo, was packed from the beginning, the males outnumbering the females about 50-1 and the beer and testosterone was cranked, the atmosphere was wild from the start and it didn’t let up. Crowd participation for the bands was at 100% and with Pennywise crowds being notorious for the maddest moshes ever, this was no exception. Pennywise can play as well as ever, professional and calm amongst the fans chaos. The set list was one after another of crowd pleasers that sent the energy of the show soaring for both the band and the punters. It was Perth and it was a Thursday Night, but on this occasion, the fans were out, they were in great spirits and the show was as good as they get. The venue coped well with the craziness, plenty of support staff to keep the fans as safe as possible. Jim and Fletcher are the continually connecting with their fans, saying the usual stuff about Australia, Perth and their Aussie Fans. The guys brought their entourage on stage for the extended Bro Hymn for the finale. These guys are still genuine and humble performers, its hard to imagine them retiring any time soon and that’s a good thing, and seeing as they adore this country and indeed this state, we will be seeing them again.

Pennywise: 4 piece band formed in 1988 from Hermosa Beach in the US, they are Jim Lindberg – vocals, Fletcher Dragge – guitars, Randy Bradbury – bass, Byron McMackin – drums; Genre: punk.




Pennywise-“Fuck Authority”



Set List

Peaceful Day

Waste of Time

Perfect People

Every SIngle Day


Not Far Away

It’s What You Do With It


Same Old Story

I Won’t Have It

Killing Time

Do What You Want (Bad Religion cover)


Violence Ner Ending


Fuck Authority

Down Under (Men at Work cover)

Stand By Me (Ben E. King cover)

Bro Hymn



  • Pennywise (1991)
  • Unknown Road (1993)
  • About Time (1995)
  • Full Circle (1997)
  • Straight Ahead (1999)
  • Land of the Free? (2001)
  • From the Ashes (2003)
  • The Fuse (2005)
  • Reason to Believe (2008)
  • All or Nothing (2012)
  • Yesterdays (2014)









Anti-Flag-“Fabled World”



Group Members
•    Justin Sane – lead vocals, lead guitar (1988-1989, 1993–present)
•    Chris#2 (Chris Barker) – lead vocals, bass guitar (1999–present)
•    Chris Head – bass guitar (1997), rhythm guitar, backing vocals (1997–present)
•    Pat Thetic – drums, percussion (1988-1989, 1993–present)





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