Chatting with Natalie Claro, the little girl with the big voice

By Raven, Columnist-Tampa

Artist: Natalie Claro Singer/Songwriter/Musician; Music Genre: Variety

Ravens Nest GraphicIf you ever go to the HardRock in Tampa, Florida. for some gambling, dinner, and a show, you might see a beautiful young lady walk out to the stage with a guitar in hand. You might think, “This should be interesting–a nice quite acoustic set of songs.” The lights dim, the guitar strums, and then you hear a voice–the most powerful voice come out of this lady! Your  eyes stare like a deer in the headlights and your mouth drops. You stare at this brilliant young singer in amazement…utter amazement.

What you are enjoying for that night is Natalie Claro,  a 15 year-old singer, songwriter, dancer, and musician who has created a “career in [a little over] a year”. She is now co-producing her own music and will release her very first single and music video in January 2016.

11058353_388378531361665_8246129154723960633_nHer songwriting skills developed at an early age. At just 10 years old, she was already writing full-length songs on the piano. Now she has composed an entire album that consists of  many original and new ideas to present to the world. Natalie one day found her place in music when she realized that creating a career from it was never impossible with determination. She is now home-schooled so she can dedicate her time to a career she truly believes in.

Experiences with things such as bullying and being an outcast for an extended period of her life has created a deep and mature outlook on life (yet still extremely positive and fun).  She struggled to fit in during middle-school and the beginning year of high school, but never found the desire in experimenting with drugs, drinking, and partying like some of her peers. She  truly believes that effort and motivation come first before talent.

Natalie plans in the future of not only being a successful artist but to become sort of a philanthropist by creating organizations to help people in need. She already created the entire plan for a non-profit organization that would supply underprivileged kids with opportunities and materials they may not be able to afford–so they too could follow their dream careers.

So beyond being a Creative Singer/Songwriter with a future career in music, Miss Natalie Claro has a strong heart for the underprivileged in this world. Natalie Claro, we will see you on top off the world someday!

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RAVEN: When did you first start singing?

NATALIE: There was never really a moment where it hit me… I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. It was really just a hobby until last year when I was like “oh DUH I can make a career out of this.”

RAVEN: What did your family do to encourage you?

NATALIE: My mom’s kind of my manager. She started researching all these techniques about getting my name out there. Once a day she’d come home and go “So Natalie, guess what I learned?” Then, she just started getting me gig, after gig! My dad was a DJ so he’s been super useful and helpful when it comes to equipment and sound. He’s like a master. Anywhere I perform he’s ready in a second to set up and check everything to make sure it’s perfect.

RAVEN: Who else in your family sings?

NATALIE: My grandpa’s cousin, Paul Claro! I’ve actually never met him in person. He followed me on Facebook just from liking my work, and then realized we were related when I posted a picture of me and my grandpa. Small world huh?

RAVEN: Who are your musical inspirations?

NATALIE: I could go on for hours. I have like 18, per portion of my music . Michael Jackson was my first inspiration. I used to make videos of me singing “Ben” and “I’ll Be There” when I was in 4th grade. Other inspirations I have are Amy Winehouse, Twenty One Pilots, Billie Joel, and Zella Day.

RAVEN: What kind of music do you listen to today?

NATALIE: I listen to literally every genre, except most country and punk. Over the past year I’ve grown an obsession over the band Twenty One Pilots. Their music and lyrics are so deep and creative. It’s breathtaking. I listen to various bands like Queen and Fallout Boy… people like Zella Day, Manchester Orchestra, Frank Ocean, The Dirty Heads, Kanye West. Sublime… and I ADORE Nicki Minaj. The list goes on for way to long we should probably move on hahah!!!

RAVEN: What embarrassing songs might I find on your MP3 player?

NATALIE: This is the funniest thing! I can’t stop laughing. I still listen to Big Time Rush, the Nickelodeon sensation from like 2009.  I listen to Spongebob soundtracks when I’m bored

RAVEN: Where would you most like to perform?

Madison Square Garden is the dream.

RAVEN: Who would you most like to open for?

Beyonce (queen) or perform with Justin Timberlake (king)

RAVEN: If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing?

NATALIE: Why wouldn’t I be singing??!!

RAVEN: If you could dabble in another genre of music, what would it be?

NATALIE: Well, my genre of music now is already a little random. I don’t really confine myself to a single genre. My first single coming out in January has a rock kind of feel, and the one after is more of indie/R&B. I don’t think there’s a genre I want that I haven’t already tried!!

RAVEN: What hidden talents do you have?

I can make my lips point out in different directions. Like… diagonally. You’d have to see it. I’m not crazy I swear.

I’m also good at getting dogs to pay attention to me

Okay my mom’s bugging me to add that I’m an artist I didn’t want to brag I feel un-modest going on about things like this. I like to draw characters from books and TV shows.

RAVEN: Do you enjoy writing music and/or lyrics?

NATALIE: Do I!! I love it so much. It’s honestly the best feeling to finish a song and go “Whoa, I just did that!”

RAVEN: Natalie at your age now, what advice would you give young Singer/Songwriters that want to break into the Music Industry?

Honestly, don’t give up. People are going to try to talk to you condescendingly and treat you like you’re worthless. Just never say “if”, say “when”. And this applies to anything. Whether you want to play major league baseball or be a chef at a major New York restaurant, all you have to do is keep going no matter what. Ditch the partying or drinking or drugs or anything unimportant and set real goals for yourself. I promise it’s worth it.

RAVEN: Natalie, how do you feel about this guy Raven Promoting you…lol, Kidding but you can

answer if you like?

Natalie: HAHAHAHAHAHAH Raven, you rock! I have a select group of people on Facebook that I immediately rush to view when I see a notification and you’re one of them. You’ve been nothing but amazing to me and I can’t wait to me you in person one day. Thanks so much!!

RAVEN: Okay. Great.

I would like to thank the adorable Miss Natalie Claro for her time with this interview and she put me in my place with the answer “Why wouldn’t I be Singing?” That was great. I love you Natalie and I wish all the success in the future!

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