Canadian rocker Sabrina Fallah rules the frontline

By Raven, Columnist-Tampa

Artist: Sabrina Fallah; Genre: Rock

Ravens Nest GraphicWelcome to another Column of The Ravens Nest. Today, we have Canadian Rocker Miss Sabrina Fallah. This amazing woman can ROCK!!  Sabrina Fallah’s voice is powerful, melodic, full of harmony, uniquely different, strong, and with a special edge of its own. Accompanying herself on the guitar, she composes both lyrics and music for her songs with a creative vibrant, original sound. She sings for all audiences with a powerful performance, which sits well with all ages. Green Day, Bon Jovi and Billy Idol have been Sabrina’s major influences.

Sabrina performs widely in Ottawa and Toronto and extensively in Central Canada. She took a unique approach touring, doing a mix of gigs and open mics, while living on the road for years now. She has appeared in various Canadian and international festivals. She is quickly gaining a fan base performing and being interviewed on television. Sabrina has shown her talents in showcases for Universal Records, Warner Music Canada and others.

unnamed (1)The first EP of original songs by Sabrina Fallah was recorded in England by producer Stuart Epps, who has worked with notables like Elton John, Led Zeppelin and the like. This was released as her self-titled rock EP on iTunes. Songs from this EP are played on radio, particularly by Canadian, U.S. and European university, college and online radio stations.

Sabrina Fallah has just released her new single “The Frontline”, which is available for sale on iTunes. You can watch the official music video directed by Steven Clarke and filmed by Whitewolf studios on her YouTube channel. She co-wrote the song with Heather Meori from Vancouver. Chris Birkett, an award winning producer, produced “The Frontline”. Chris has been involved in producing, engineering, writing and playing music since the 1970s. He has produced some of the biggest names in music: Peter Gabriel, Quincy Jones, Buffy Sainte Marie, Sinead O’Connor, and more.

Sabrina is currently songwriting and working on her next record in Toronto and continues performing across Canada. Look out for lots of new updates from this brilliant artist.

I want to thank Miss Sabrina Fallah as being part of The Ravens Nest For Rock At Night Magazine. Tune in next wee as we add another Great Artist to the Nest.

Peace & Love,

Raven Pihonak
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Sabrina Fallah – “The Frontline”