Swedish hillbilly metal band Fearless is touring the U.S. with The Maension


By Chyrisse Tabone, Tampa Correspondent

Venue: The Brass Mug, Tampa, Florida-August 16,2015


I was getting ready to jump on The Maension’s tour bus for an interview session when I saw a few long-bearded,  ZZ Top-looking guys getting ready to play inside The Brass Mug. They were wearing denim overalls and had straw hats on their head. I figured they were a local Southern rock band. During The Maension’s interview I could hear the vibrations from a bass amp and muffled music. I did not think much of it at the time.

When I walked into the nightclub, waiting to see The Maension perform, I started to chat with one of the ZZ Top Doppelgangers. I was floored when I heard a distinct foreign accent and the gentleman said the band was from Sweden.  He said, “Ve are frum Sveden and ve are HILLBILLIES!” I thought, “Wait! This can’t be happening. I must be in a parallel universe.” We usually see American bands playing viking metal or pagan-influenced music but not vice versa.

Although I was unable to see them perform (I watched the videos on YouTube later and was really impressed) I decided to interview the band called “Fearless.”  I needed to find a well lit place and decided to take some photos in the hallway. The lighting was still not favorable so we all ended up in the men’s room. I have to say, hanging with the “Fearless Hillbilly Boys” is like hanging with the beer guzzling Canadian comic duo The McKenzie Brothers or perhaps Larry, Moe, and Curly if they were Swedish metal heads.

I ended up interviewing the band in the tour bus and I found out they truly do live the “hillbilly lifestyle”–moonshine, old trucks, country music, and more. I even had the pleasure of seeing photos of shovels and pitchforks with guitar pick-ups.  Apparently they make a lot of their own instruments and electronic effects. Ah, recycling. The band is environmentally friendly as well!

Members: Michel – Vocals Tobbe – Lead Guitar Martin – Bass Andy – Drums; Genre: Hillbilly Metal ;Home Town: Vagnhärad Sweden


You can hear the interview with Fearless here.

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