Spitting Pips’ new EP creates guitar-driven psych rock with retro appeal

By Chyrisse Tabone, Tampa Correspondent


REVIEW: The Spitting Pips EP You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet (To be released at the end of August)

The Spitting Pips, Zack (Vocals/Guitar), Jolliffe (Drums), Cameron (Guitar) and Woody (Bass); Genre: Acid Soul Rock n’ Roll; Home Town: Rhyl

FB_IMG_1428053344937The Spitting Pips are four lads hailing from Rhyl, UK, who released a two-song debut EP called Acid Soul on New Year’s Eve 2014 and soon a five-song EP called You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet. The group describes their music as “Acid Soul Rock ‘n’ Roll” and list their influences as British Pop, 60s Psychedelia, and Anton Newcombe of the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Listening to the first song “Open Eyes” there is a definite 60s psychedelic vibe with dreamy vocals reminiscent of early-90s Oasis or even The Flaming Lips. The song is acoustic guitar-driven but with infusions and accents of electric guitar riffs throughout the melody. The trippy song begins with a slow mellow groove but later speeds up before settling. The SP’s sing:

You ain’t seen nothing yet, so open your eyes/I’ve got this weight off my shoulders/I’ve go the world at my feet/I’ve got the love that just shines through/I’ve sold my soul to be with you.

“Optimist Junkie” opens with an infectious bass riff reminiscent of “Hazy Day of Summer” which weaves in and out of the song. The drumming has a definite 60s vibe and the vocals are stretched using chorus. The garage-band guitar rhythms are very danceable and the chants “yeah, yeah, yeah” definitely makes one time travel. The vocals are melodic yet distinct words are not voiced as the instruments appear to take the front seat of the song.

“Cell Adore” is another acoustic-guitar based song but is fast-paced and totally hard-driving. This up-tempo song has a steady four beat and definite “ahhs” chorus in the background.

“Plastic Jesus” is highlighted by yet another groovin’ bass line riff with layered vocals pine for “my plastic Jesus.” The song appears tongue-in-cheek and the vocals are melodic and dreamy. The tone of the song is almost early-90s grunge and ends with a lead guitar solo that eventually fades.

“Revolution” has a nice blend of over-driven guitars with almost John Lennon-ish vocals pining Let’s move on to the other side…Let’s get out of here. The song has a heavy bass beat and grungy guitar rhythm that ends with a lead guitar solo full of bends and vibrato.

Overall, the feel of the album has an early-90s grunge and second-wave psychedelic rock feel. The influence of Brian Jonestown Massacre is apparent but I would not call this a “rip-off.” The Spitting Pips definitely has created their own brand of guitar-driven, psych-rock-retro feel with a touch of grunge.

Conclusion: Love it!

“Optimist Junkie”


“Open Eyes”












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