The Raven’s Nest: Introducing G2P Band–Gives Funk/Rock 2 The People

By Raven, Columnist

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THE RAVEN’S NEST–Introducing new bands to check out! 

This week’s band: Give 2 the People aka G2P

Welcome to another Column of The Ravens Nest, This week we have a Power Trio out of Tampa, Florida that is on their way to Giving More 2 The People. This week we Feature G2P Band.

Recently signed to Kim K. Jones Pride Management and Star 1 Records, G2P (Give 2 the People) can best be described as an Alternative Rock band Power Trio with a twist of funk, punk, and reggae. Raised in Tampa, Florida at the end of 2011, G2P has been on a steady path of ascension. With their focus centering on innovative and compelling song writing, they have been developing a strong fan base throughout central Florida. Through the use of catchy and surprising melodies, fans of all ages flock to show G2P their support. They are putting everything they are into making G2P a household name.

Thank You to The G2P Band for Hanging out in the Ravens Nest.

Peace & Love, Raven

 Members: Nathaniel Shepherd-Guitars/Vocals, Sterling Siegfried-Drums, Matt Mallory-Bass

Band Influences: 311, Incubus, Rage against the machine, System of a down, the police, Sublime, Papa roach, Jack Johnson, Audioslave and much much more!!!


“Me” by G2P









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