Berlin-based Beatsteaks provide a rip-roaring time at Koko, London

By Nici Eberl, London Correspondent

KoKo, London–August 25, 2015

KoKo was jam packed on Wednesday night with a mostly German crowd waiting to see Berlin-based Beatsteaks. UK ska band Sonic Boom Six (whom I really liked) tried to warm up the crowd,  who appeared distracted as they anxiously awaited for the main attraction.

The Beatsteaks started their set with two of their most famous songs “Hello Joe” and “Hand in Hand”. The crowd went from a mild hum to a loud, bouncing and grooving mass of people. Beatsteaks danced and pranced as they delivered the set with titantic energy. All of the band members displayed much chemistry and harmony as members traded off and played their own original songs as lead singer Armin Teutoburg took the back seat.

Teutoburg had the audience in the palm of his hand as he leaned toward the audience from the stage. By the third song, he was walking in the crowd and even sang while crowd-surfing. Later he danced with a lucky girl and asked the audience “What do you wanna’ hear next?” He clearly wanted to please and entertain the crowd—and they they loved it! The audience screamed out for him to “play all of their songs.” He said they would even if they had to stay longer than allowed (cheeky band….the set list is usually planned).

The crowd sang the lyrics to the songs and when “Let Me In” started to play, long pieces of confetti snaked down from the ceiling and into the crowd. It was amazing! Another interesting observation was the second drummer wore a clown mask during the entire set.

Overall, the concert was incredible and gave me goose bumps during the Ilona Schulz cover “Hey Du”. The crowd began dancing, moshing, and jumping. The whole dance floor just swayed and moved as well as those standing on the balconies. Teutoburg seemed really stunned and happy. And, yeah, you can really see that the band enjoys what they do.

It was one incredible and memorable night!

Members: Arnim Teutoburg-Weiß, Peter Baumann, Bernd Kurtzke, Thomas Götz, Torsten Scholz; Genre: Punk-Pop; Home Town: Berlin




Hello Joe

Hand in Hand

Milk & Honey

Mad River


Jane Became Insane

To Be Strong

Shiny Shoes


Everything Went Black


Hello Joe

Cut Off the Top


Cut Off the top (Reprise)

Hey Du (Ilona Schulz cover)


Frieda und die Bomben (Fu Manchu cover)

Gentleman of the Year

Let Me In

I Don’t Care as Long as You Sing


Say Say Say

Sabotage (Beastie Boys cover)


Atomic Love



“Hey Joe”

“Live at KoKo in London on 8-25-2015”

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