The Dead Daisies hit the US with tour and new album Revolucion

By Jason Michaelsen, Tampa Correspondent

11159556_1095086520508190_7761943324163623376_nHave you ever sat back while listening to your favorite song from years ago and said, “They just don’t make music like that anymore”? Well, there is a band that is changing that. Recently I was able to talk with Marco Mendoza, bass guitarist with The Dead Daisies. Now, what I can say is ‘if you are not familiar with this group I hope this article helps open your eyes as to why you should already have them on your play list.’

The Dead Daisies have been referred to as a “supergroup” and with the lineup they have, it only makes sense. Not only do they have Marco Mendoza, who played with Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake and names like Ozzy Osbourne and Ted Nugent but also they feature John Corabi, formerly with Motley Crue.  Also in the mix are Dizzy Reed and Richard Fortus (Guns-N-Roses), David Lowy (Australian bands Red Phoenix, Mink and Doc Neeson’s Angels) and Brian Tichy (Ozzy Osbourne, Seether and Slash’s Snakepit).  Put these guys together and you have the feeling of 70’s and 80’s rock–but with the style of today.

When asked what brought Dead Daisies together Mendoza said, “It was only natural, when you are touring everyone is like a big traveling family.” He was approached by David Lowy and David Edwards with the concept and direction they wanted The Dead Daisies to go. Once he saw the music he fell in love and rearranged his schedule to help make it happen.

“From our first rehearsal we all fell in line with the music and with each other,” Mendoza explained. He continued, “It has been a great time and I think the music reflects that, the whole vibe … We are all pros at what we do and so when you put a bunch of cats together that know what they’re doing it’s just a blast and it good.”

1003343_694776427205870_535574068_nOn the 31st of July their newest album comes out in Australia and in the United States titled Revolución. They just finished up touring with Kiss on their 40th Anniversary Tour and left a mass of fans wanting more. Now they have recently landed in the United States and have brought the Revolución with them as they join Whitesnake’s Purple Tour.

When I asked Mendoza if there was a set position each person plays in coming up with new music he said, “We all participate in every step of the process here, which is another cool thing in this band. It’s a collective, like in this last album that comes out at the end of this month; we all go into the room with acoustics and start sketching out ideas. We all participate and we all collaborate and it’s very copasetic. At this point in our careers we kind of have our egos in check and we share the common denominator to record the best music and get it out there.”

Listening to their music you can hear the influences of each person’s musical background which is what helps to mold their sound into something both unique and familiar. We have great music from back in the 70’s and 80’s but it is music that we have all heard over and over. Now with The Dead Daisies we get that feeling but with fresh new lyrics and rhythms which brings a younger crowd to this music.

When asked how they feel about being the band that is introducing a younger generation to this style Mendoza stated, “The fact that we are being pegged as the band that is kind of bringing the 70’s back to the public and new generations is great, we dig it. As long as we get the music out there that’s all that matters.”

If you want that amazing classic sound but all new songs The Dead Daisies are who you need to add to your playlist. They have two albums: their self titled album, The Dead Daisies and on July 31, 2015 their second album, Revolución comes out here in the United States. This will give you plenty of music time. Personally, I throw them on when I am going out for a nice long motorcycle ride.


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