Massive crowd holding Confederate flags attend Kid Rock concert

By Jason Michaelsen, Tampa Correspondent

Venue: Mid-Florida Amphitheatre, Tampa, Florida–July 17, 2015

20150718_214138-19Put Kid Rock and Foreigner together, both who have massive followings, and you can expect a sold out show. This was exactly the case in Tampa, Florida when they stopped on their Cheap Date Tour. With a temperature of 82 degrees and humidity at 80%, the outdoor venue was sweltering. This did not seem to be an issue for the max capacity of 20,000 people jumping, chanting, dancing and just generally having a great time. After taking the stage, each artist was soaked with sweat but this did nothing to deter their energy and enthusiasm. Foreigner’s bass guitarist Jeff Pilson looked like he had a bucket of water dumped on him yet he still danced around the stage looking out at the crowd as if feeding more and more off of their energy. Mick Jones, Kelly Hanse, Bruce Bluestein, Chris Frazier and Tom Gimbel put just as much passion in the show. The groups showed the fans their love for what they do and made sure that all of their fans got the experience they have come to love over the years.

Kid Rock_31-23Kid Rock made a comment to the crowd about how hot it was in traditional “Kid Rock” manner and also explained he wanted to lose some of his beer gut anyway. As with Foreigner, Kid Rock pushed on showing no signs, aside from a soaked t-shirt, that the heat was getting to him. Running around the stage taking a turn at each instrument and even showing his skills on the turntable, he reminded the audience why it was a sold out show.

Now I can try and skirt around the elephant in the room whenever Kid Rock is mentioned these days but what kind of journalist would I be if I did that. Yes, the stars and bars were being flown but not by Kid Rock. Fans used this appearance as a chance to show where they stand on the issue by decorating their trucks, wearing bandanas, t-shits and even carrying the flag with them. Kid Rock has seen a lot of publicity lately due to his use of the Confederate flag in his show. Looking around I have to stop and wonder if people knew he stopped using the flag in his shows back in 2011 on his own accord? It was apparent that he was a proud American as a stage-sized American flag was shown behind his group as they played “Born Free”.

If you want to see a show that will not disappoint, artists who play to the crowd and genuinely love what they do then you need to get a ticket to the Cheap Date Tour when it comes your way. You will not be disappointed.






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