Kansas City Band brings electro/industrial to a new level

By Raven, The Raven’s Nest Column


Ravens Nest GraphicPeace & Love Everyone! I’m Raven and this is my new column for Rock At Night’s “The Ravens Nest”. I will be Featuring a Band/Artist every week, This Week is avery cool band called Razorwire Halo.

RWH is an established electro/industrial rock band from Kansas City, Missouri Created in 2001 by Tak Kitara, Razorwire Halo has evolved into one of the most well known bands in the Kansas City area. In 2001, Tak Kitara and David Turner, the front men for two Kansas City based acts (Desolate Image & FiveStarReject), joined up to form one entity, Razorwire Halo. Tak and David searched for their defining sound with many experimental tracks and began performing live in October of 2001.

ResReader.ashx-1With over 150 released recordings on 9 albums and 9 singles, RWH has proven time and time again that they can captivate their audience and bring a fresh sound year after year. This has allowed for RWH to perform live with many national bands across the U.S., while gaining their respect. Razorwire Halo has an unwavering commitment to bring the best music and most immersive live experience to its fans.

Since 2007, RWH has released a new album every year with a cohesive concept that has drawn in casual listeners and diehard fans alike. The same is true for 2015 as RWH has released their 9th full length album titled, “After The Fall”. RWH will begin to tour across the U.S. this spring and summer. So Remember 3 letters RWH with so much music and experience under their belt, RWH should will be bigger and better than ever.

A Huge Thank You RWH and My Friend of the Band Bassist Miss Skylar Kitara for also giving me a few Bass Tips. Next Week I add another Band/Artist To The Ravens Nest.

Peace & Love Everyone,

Band: Razorwire Halo or RWH

Members: [2015 LIVE MEMBERS] Tak Kitara | lead vocals, guitar, keyboards; Skylar Kitara | female vocals, bass guitar, keyboards; Darrell Trussell | lead guitar, keyboards; Keith Hirschman | drums

Latest Video from RWH