The Bennies rocked the house at Amplifier

Photo Credit: The Art of Capture

By Melanie Scrafton, Perth, Australia

Photo Credit: The Art of Capture
Photo Credit: The Art of Capture

We caught up with the guys at Amplifier in Perth on their “Party Whirlwind Quest Tour’ supported by Dan Cribb & The Isolated.

The band brand is one that reflects the mad, crazy, zany aspects of these original artists, however they are quite a responsible group of performers.

Four piece band from Melbourne formed in 2006, originally called Madonna. The Bennies current line-up is lead vocalist/keyboardist – Anty Horgan, guitarist/vocalist – ‘King’ Jules Rozenbergs (aka Force Fieldz), vocalist/bassist – Craig Selak & drums – David ‘Bowie’ Beaumont

Described as Psychedelic Reggae Ska Doom Metal Punk Rock From Hell.

Contrary to the vibe that is associated with them, they are conscious musicians that deliver their material in a very professional manner. The material itself is impossible to pigeonhole. Drums, Bass, and Guitar are there foundation, with comical lyrics and catchy hooks, the distortion and effects are what twist the band’s sound into a musical frenzy.Amplifier Bar’s sound was its usual high standard, the light show was over looked as these entertainers keep the focus of their fans firmly on their antics.Lead vocalist Anty Horgan performed with enormous energy and stamina and addresses the crowd throughout the show showing a solid connection with their audience. They are a generous bunch, allowing the crowd up on stage in hoards, for what felt like a few minutes the stage was actually mobbed. In order to finish the show Anty did eventually call for them to get off their stage and let them play on.

Over all they create a great atmosphere and solid live experience for all the new and existing fans. With the popularity increasing rapidly, if you haven’t already then you need to check them out, they will get your groove on, your rock on and your mad muppet trip on too.

Set List

Bagz of weed

Heavy disco

Mushroom tea

Senior mi

Party smashers

My bike

Anywhere you wanna go

What’s your fucking problem

Knights forever

Hightower (He’ll Never Be An) Ol’ Man River 
(TISM cover)

 The Bennies – Knights Forever


Party! Party! Party! (2011)

Rainbows in Space (2013)

Better Off Dread – EP (2013)

Heavy Disco – EP (2014)





The Bennies


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