Old school punk alive and well at Iduna

Oi Polloi

By Rick Slagter, Groningen, The Netherlands

2015-05-14 Iduna DrachtenTwo British old school, hardcore anarchy punk bands did a double-double headlining concert in the venue ‘Iduna’ in Drachten, a city in the north of The Netherlands: Subhumans and Oi Polloi. The Subhumans were formed in 1980, broke up in 1985 and in 1991 reunited for a semi-permanent return of the band as a touring entity. Dick Lucas is still the frontman. Oi Polloi started in 1981, and only frontman Deek Allen is the original member. Since 1996 the band not only sings in Scottish Gaelic, the members also inter-communicate in this language.

Both bands are socially involved and the subjects of their lyrics are resistance against racism, sexism, homophobia, modern fascism and imperialism. One of the successful songs of the concert was Oi Polloi’s song against Geert Wilders, a Dutch Islamophobe and extreme politician.

The punk scene in The Netherlands is small but alive. That’s why the bands played in the reduced set-up of the concert hall. It was a well-attended concert with old and young punks, with room enough to pogo without really hurting other visitors. And the bands still had the punk energy of the 1980s.

Oi Polloi : Deek Allen – vocals, Olsen – guitar, Oigrid – bass, Cameron Tongs – drums.

Subhumans : Dick Lucas – vocals, lyrics, piano (1980–present), Bruce Treasure – guitar, backing vocals – (1980–present), Phil – bass – (1983–present), Trotsky – drums – (1980–present)






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