UK band Don’t Shoot put together a brilliant EP

By Raven, Tampa Correspondent

Review of The Wonderkid EP by Don’t Shout


•    Jonny Kirwin Lead Singer/Rhythm Guitar
•    Fearghal McMahon Lead Guitar
•    Anna Doody Synth/Piano/Backing Vocals
•    Corrie McCusker Bass/Backing Vocals
•    Emmett Cleary Drums

Dont Shoot EP CoverDon’t Shoot is an exciting five-piece indie / alternative rock band based in Glasgow but with members hailing from both Northern Ireland and Glasgow. They were crowned the winner of Glasgow’s “Soundwave Music Competition 2015” in Jaunary 2015 with more than 1,000 entries vying for the title.  Don’t Shoot was subsequently signed by Broken Road Records in March 2015 and their EP The Wonderkid will soon be released on May 18, 2015.

I had the pleasure of listening to the six-track EP and was amazed by the constant change of music in each song—from the melodic sound of Arcade Fire to the “power pop” of Blink 182. There is a lot of experimentation with sounds and styles, and a whole world of personality in it. Simply put, the EP feels like a group of people having loads of fun singing and playing.

A song that stands out to me is “Panic.” It is a great upbeat song with vocal harmonies and a dynamic change of tempo near the end–a flawless song I would clearly enjoy listening to with the volume turned up.

The band is very tight and everything blends together nicely throughout the EP.  The guitars, drums, bass and keyboards all sound well-balanced.  The vocals are clear and do not overpower the band. Simply put, the songs are well-written and the sound engineering is high quality, which is exactly what you and I expect. It is an outstanding EP, I would say, and once you listen to it you are hooked. I know I am!

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•    2015 The Wonderkid EP
•    2013 Please EP