With floor-bouncing and bodies shaking, indie pop-punk band Peace nails it in Manchester


By Desh Kapur, Photographer and Perry Batty, Journalist, Manchester, UK

Review of Peace concert at the Deaf Institute, Manchester, on March 12, 2015

 Formed by brothers Harrison and Samuel Koisser, on vocals/guitar and bass, respectively, as well as guitarist Douglas Castle and drummer Dominic Boyce

Peace in Manchester
Peace in Manchester

Peace hailing from Birmingham kicked off the gig with a well-driven, melodic bass line which fired up the small intimate quirky venue. From start to finish, the boys had a real connection with the crowd which produced an electric atmosphere.

Not even 5 minutes into the set, you can tell that this band is well-polished.  The song writing capabilities are genius! With hints of the Cure, Pink Floyd’s electric guitar sounds and a Beatlesque vibe. “Bloodshake” drove the crowd wild! You could feel the floor beneath you sway with the bounce of the crowd and the microphones on stage took the same movement.  Every song they played they played with passion and a whole lot of energy.

Harry asked the audience if they had any requests that they would like them to play. “White Noise” by Disclosure was requested, which the boys had covered for a Live Lounge Session at BBC Radio 1.  After a short discussion was held on stage they agreed to play it but warned the audience that they “couldn’t remember it properly” but they “would give it a go.”  This was an outstanding performance of a cover with the only let down being that Harry guitar seemed to pack in and had to be changed during the song.

Love Sick,” “Lost on Me,” “California Daze” and “Follow Baby” are just a small handful of amazing tunes which these guys threw at us.  Definitely without a shadow of a doubt Peace are a must see before they explode even more into stardom!